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    Like Mother-Like Daughter

    Tina furrowed her brows in confusion.

    “To protect you,” Fiona whispered. “Marie and voodoo are not our only enemies, darling.”

    “We have enemies in L.A?” Tina turned to look at her mother, “well…that’s just great.”

    Fiona laughed wickedly, looking into the same hazel eyes as hers, “we have to confront Marie before we confront anyone else. It’s back and forth with us.”

    “Why didn’t you tell the Council that?” Tina asked.

    Fiona rolled her eyes, “they are useless- you and I are the most powerful people here. What do they do besides breath down our necks?”

    Tina chuckled, nodding her head in agreement. “Why did you attack one of Marie’s girls after the agreement?” Tina questioned, searching for the answer in her mother’s eyes.

    “Vision,” Fiona simply said, reaching into her purse and grabbing two cigarettes- handing one to Tina. “She was going to attack us- one of her girls, Shantelle…” Fiona lit her cigarette, watching smoke slowly fill the scene in front of her. “Her powers were growing… she was going to kill the girls. I did what I did to protect the coven. Could I have handled it differently?” the older blonde questioned, shrugging her shoulder, “sure, but I didn’t.”

    “You could have warned me,” Tina said, watching the smoke create shapes in front of her. “But I get it… you foiled their plan.”

    “What a plan to foil…” Fiona chuckled, shaking her head. “But I saw it.”

    “Where was I?” Tina questioned, furrowing her brows.

    “With me…” Fiona whispered, looking at Tina. “We were out trying to fix the mess that Madison caused. Speaking of…”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Police will show up tomorrow,” Fiona answered, standing up from her seat. “Someone identified Madison being the last one to see a couple of the boys that were on that bus.”

    Tina groaned, leaning back in the bed- hearing her mother laugh.

    “Come…” Fiona said, holding her hands out for her daughter to latch onto. “We have some things that we have to plan.”

    “Are you going to tell me who the other enemies are?” Tina questioned, getting up and following her mother out of her bedroom.

    “Yes,” Fiona answered, “but let’s handle one thing at a time.”

    Tina nodded, closing her door behind them- her phone sitting on the bedside table, on silent, as an unknown number ran across the screen.


    1. Thank you for the chapter! Absolutely don’t like how Tina killed boy in cool blood. She’s absolutely have no value for human life, besides her little coven of witch. And human sacrifice. I don’t know, but for now even Marie seems more human, than Tina

    2. definitely liking the american horror story link. interesting story. me wonders if bette is the link to this family and covens, unknowingly allowing herself to become part of a grander master plan for the two feuding rivals.
      I seem to get a sense that perhaps later, bette will be that “missing link” that connects the families of New Orleans together and binds peace between two life long mortal enemies. too much to hope for? and exactly “how old” is tina? will immortality be sacrificed for true love? so many possibilities await.

      thanx for taking the time to share. always a pleasure to walk with your adventures through the quarter and the city. definite thumbs up to an interesting story well told. by the way….this tina and bette….WELL MATCHED!

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