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    Like Mother-Like Daughter

    Bette smirked before leaning in once more to kiss Tina. “Don’t wet your lips at me and not expect me to kiss them.”

    Tina rolled her eyes playfully before taking a step backwards, “have a good night, Bette. Tell Alice I hope she feels better.”

    Bette nodded, watching the blonde turn around and walk out into the darkness.

    “I like her,” Alice said from behind, making Bette jump.

    “Jesus Christ,” Bette breathed, resting her hand over her widely beating heart.

    “I don’t think it’s me that’s causing your heart to do that,” Alice winked as she intertwined her arm through Bette’s, “let’s go.”

    Bette smiled to herself as she let Alice’s words soak in, “yeah… you’re right.”

    Alice smiled to herself as they walked through the automatic doors and headed towards their rental car, “Duh…”

    Tina watched from a distance as Bette and Alice exited the hospital- getting into a black car and pulling out of the parking lot. “Where have you been?” she questioned, sensing a figure behind her.

    “Wanted to make sure there wasn’t any video evidence,” Fiona said, coming up behind her. “Look at the lights.”

    “I know,” Tina smiled, letting the lights of the city cast down upon her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

    Fiona sighed in agreement as she linked her arm with her daughter. “You plan on staying here forever?”

    “The school is here,” Tina answered, shrugging. “But I also love it here. The atmosphere. The people. The magic that crackles through the air.”

    “It’s what keeps me coming back,” Fiona whispered, walking side by side with Tina into the darkness. “And you.”

    “Thanks,” Tina sarcastically said, bumping into the side of her mother.

    “I’m proud of you,” Fiona said, looking straight ahead of her before briefly glancing at Tina. “If we never became immortal… if you were going to take over this coven,” the older blonde sighed, “you’d do hell of a job.”

    Tina smiled to herself, looking at the side profile of Fiona. “Thank you… but I’d rather join forces with you.”

    Fiona smirked, “me too.”

    “And considering there won’t be another matriarch because the power will never fully leave you to come to me,” Tina said, nabbing the older blonde playfully with her elbow, “it stops here.”

    “You’re just as powerful as me, darling,” Fiona said, her heels clicking against the concrete. “It was almost your time to take over.”

    “But that would have meant your demise…” Tina said, smirking. “I wasn’t going to kill my own mother.”

    “Good…because I didn’t want to kill my own daughter to stop her from killing me,” Fiona smirked back.

    Tina laughed, “well… it’s not like we have to worry about it, now. We aren’t going anywhere.”

    “We do have to get two innocent souls soon, darling,” Fiona said, “the NICU is filled.”

    Tina sighed, “is that what Marie does?”

    “I believe,” Fiona nodded.

    “Well… we just might have to- it’s either us or them.”

    Fiona hummed, nodding. “just me and you, honey.”

    Tina nodded, nodding her head towards a bar with neon lights flickering, “you wanna go in?”

    “Like mother…” Fiona smirked, handing her daughter a cigarette before stepping into the bar.

    Tina smiled and winked before sticking it into her mouth and lighting it, “like daughter.”


    1. Thank you for the chapter! Absolutely don’t like how Tina killed boy in cool blood. She’s absolutely have no value for human life, besides her little coven of witch. And human sacrifice. I don’t know, but for now even Marie seems more human, than Tina

    2. definitely liking the american horror story link. interesting story. me wonders if bette is the link to this family and covens, unknowingly allowing herself to become part of a grander master plan for the two feuding rivals.
      I seem to get a sense that perhaps later, bette will be that “missing link” that connects the families of New Orleans together and binds peace between two life long mortal enemies. too much to hope for? and exactly “how old” is tina? will immortality be sacrificed for true love? so many possibilities await.

      thanx for taking the time to share. always a pleasure to walk with your adventures through the quarter and the city. definite thumbs up to an interesting story well told. by the way….this tina and bette….WELL MATCHED!

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