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    Bette rolled over, her hand making contact with an empty bed, she slowly opened her eyes and ran her hand over where Tina was supposed to be sleeping. Bette rolled over and saw it was nearly 9am. She moved, last night the show had been a success, Tina was becoming a success, her show had sold out and now it was there for the public to see and to buy prints if they wanted.

    Bette got up and wrapped herself in a towel robe before leaving their master bedroom, she went down stairs and smiled as the back doors were open and there was music coming from the studio which was located close to the house. she knew t once what Tina was doing.

    Bette walked into the kitchen, pushing her hair out of her face, she filled the coffee machine and picked up the morning paper that was on the counter, she skimmed through it not really that bothered before pouring herself a mug of coffee. She slipped on her flip flops and headed out to the studio.

    Tina was sat on her work bench the morning air rushing through the studio, Tina’s hair was up with some lose strands falling over her face, she was slowly working with charcoal.

    “Morning baby,” Bette said softly.

    Tina looked up,

    “Hey, I was letting you sleep in.”

    “Hard to do when you move,”

    “Babe I’ve been up since half five, it’s nine now.” Tina grinned.

    “Why were you up so early?” Bette asked. She was worried that Tina wasn’t sleeping.

    “I just couldn’t.” Tina said softly, Bette knew not to press the issue.

    “Have you eaten?”

    “Not yet”

    “Okay I will make us some breakfast.”

    “I’m just going to finish this,”

    “What is it?”

    “Something Peggy has commissioned me to day.”

    “What? Say that again?” Bette grinned, she loved that Tina was already being commissioned and helped by the people who had been at the show.

    “Peggie emailed me late last night. She wants a charcoal picture of New York, so I’m using one of the photos I took when we were there and I’m drawing, she said there was no time scale but if I can get it finished before I start work on another set piece I’m going to start.”

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    1. Very nice. Tina is progressing. She seems calmer around the group. Loved that she gave Shane a drawing. And I love that she responded with “What about shower sex?”. I cannot imagine Dana even suggesting that sex be limited to the bedroom. I would think that she would be game for almost anywhere private. A big no on public but yes on private.

      And I love that Bette is so free with personal declarations of love for Tina. And I am shocked Alice is just now catching on that this is for real for Bette Porter.

      Love to see more of this story. Thank you.

    2. Fantastic chapter!

      It is so sweet how Bette is with Tina, you can feel her love and admiration for her!

      She will move heaven and earth for Tina so that she feels loved and at peace.

      I hope Alice finally sees that Bette is very serious about Tina and stop bugging her.

      And Tina is really making a effort to become friends with the gang. Very sweet that she drawed something for Shane!

      I really love this story! Thank you!

    3. Man, creative energy must just flow endlessly. Bette is smitten, deeply in love and helping to mend a broken Tina. It’s brilliant. Alice needs to get a grip. A sure sign of Tina’s soul is a simple drawing on a napkin given to Shane. Shane never puts Tina in the firing line. Furthermore, Shane is the second vital advocate for Tina. Tina knows it too.


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