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    Look On The Brightside: Wild Wild West

    "Hey Porter! Since you can’t get your lazy ass to open the front door I just invited myself in through the back, okay?" Alice shouted as she entered the kitchen through the french doors. Normally, Alice wouldn’t have made the effort to announce her arrival, preferring instead to sneak her way inside the house and scare the hell out of an unsuspecting Bette – or Tina – or both at the same time. Plus points if she caught the two in the throes of passion, which unfortunately for Alice has happened only once. Yeah, Bette almost skinned her alive and nearly impaled her with the first sharp object she could get her hands on (thank God Tina intervened) – but it was fun for Alice nonetheless. The sight of Tina and Bette’s looks of horror and beet red faces? Absolutely priceless.


    But today was different. Alice badly needed a favor from Bette, and so she was wise enough to think ahead this time. ‘Can’t get into Porter’s bad books today..’ Alice mused as she made her way slowly through the living room. "Hey Bette?" She shouted again, still no sign of her brunette friend. Her Lexus was parked in the driveway so Alice knew she must be home. She gingerly walked through the hallway leading through the bedrooms and stopped when she heard a couple of weird sounds coming from one of the rooms. Her brows furrowed when she thought she heard a soft thud followed by muffled sounds of someone saying ‘bang bang’ followed by a giggle. ‘Looks like I’ll be interrupting playtime’ she thought as she followed the source of the sounds. ‘Playtime with the mini Porter or between the two horny adults?’ Alice grinned, her resolve to play nice today was slowly wavering. Favor or no favor, this was too fun to pass up. But unfortunately, the gods weren’t on Alice’s pervvy side as she found herself standing right outside the door to Angie’s room. She let out a somewhat disappointed sigh. "Dang.. looks like its playtime with the kid.." She said under her breath. She knocked twice, hearing no acknowledgment from inside, she let herself in.


    She stood rooted by the doorway as she took in the sight before her. There was a makeshift tent made from pillows and a Dora the Explorer blanket in the middle of the bed, a huge weird looking stuffed horse (which looked like a cow) near the foot of the bed with a cute cowboy hat-wearing and toy gun-wielding 3-year old girl riding it.. and a grown woman hiding unsuccessfully inside a fort of stuffed bears while trying to rope her little tormentor with a lasso.

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    1. How many of you Mother Aunt have made tent in you living roon to blay cowboy and Indian with a child. I laughed during the whole thing,but laughed hard when Tina found Alice gaged and hogtied in the bedroom. If you dont want to write a long story, do the funny short ones. thsnkd

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