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    Lunch & Landmines

    “Okay T, I just pulled into the parking lot. I have about 15 minutes to spare but I want time to settle and prepare before Alice gets here.”

    “Okay Baby, I’ll let you go. Bette?”

    “Yes T?”

    “I know you and Alice have a history. Despite everything, I know you love Alice and cherish her friendship; but Baby, don’t let that love and history cloud you. Don’t let her make you feel ashamed and don’t let her play the victim. You have good instincts my Love – trust them. You don’t have to decide the future of your relationship today. This can be the first of many conversations with Alice. Don’t feel pressured to ‘bury the hatchet’ to avoid confrontation. Leave this conversation open-ended so you can have time to think through and process everything that’s revealed and discussed today. Repairing a fractured relationship doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t rush this Baby.”

    Bette breathes a sigh of relief – Tina’s words providing focus, insight, and support to the heavy conversation due to take place shortly. “Thank you… you always know what to say to ground me. I’m often astonished by how well you read me – you always say just what I need to hear at the exact moment I need to hear it.”

    “Soul recognizes soul my Beloved. I was made to know you as you were for me.”

    Bette wipes the sacred tears shed by the love and profound knowledge in Tina’s words.

    “I love you Tina Kennard.”

    “I love you too Bette Porter. I’ll be waiting for you at home when you’re done with Alice. Whatever you need, I’ll be there. I’ll see you soon.”

    “Okay, bye T.”

    Bette is enjoying her cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant – her nerves suppressing her appetite for a real lunch and chocolate always serving to calm her. She’s seated at a table at the very back of the café with enough distance from the tables around her to offer some semblance of privacy for when Alice arrives. Her phone vibrates indicating a message and she reads the text after retrieving it from her pocket.

    Relax and speak your truth – that’s all you can do.

    I love you!!! xxxxxT ????

    Bette smiles brightly at the encouraging words from her girlfriend. She is just about to text back when Alice approaches the table.

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    1. I love this story. Does anyone but me think that Alice is vindictive enough to contact Candace and bring her to the show? Because I think this Alice is very capable of doing that. What a royal witch!!! Hang on Bette. The seas are getting choppy.

      A lot of stories depict Alice in a less that flattering manner. And as someone who had to be in everyone’s private life. Yet she is often tolerated. In this one she is beyond nasty and harsh in her treatment of Bette. Clearly they are not friends. She does not respect Bette at all. This meeting will hurt Bette a great deal. That she thinks Bette deserved to get abused or whatever twisted logic she is applying is appalling. She despises Tina without knowing her. She is smug and cruel. Maybe it’s time for Tina to be let loose on her. I just feel by Alice’s last line that she is planning something. And this: “I’m not the one who let my insecurity lead me to an abusive partner, and I’m not the one who let my false sense of strength guide me to abandon my friends and stay with an abuser.” Nice Alice. Really nice.

      P.S. Very interested in the upcoming Alice and Shane conversation. Clearly Alice will attack Bette. I cannot imagine Shane agreeing with her. Although Shane rarely says much, she knows what happened to Tina. And Shane likes Tina and owes her a lot for the job she now has. So either Alice is feeling guilty about abandoning Bette or she was once in love with Bette. Harboring a major grudge for whatever reason. Maybe the conversation will come after the dirty deed many of us expect.

      • Totally with ya. Alice will try to hurt Bette some more by perhaps contacting Candace on FB or Twitter. Her anger at Bette is too vitriolic for her to just let go at this point. Truth be told, I’m looking 4ward to any lunch dates Tina will have with Alice. Tina is NOT gon put up with nobody’s crap when it comes to deliberate harm toward Bette!

        I figure that unless C is dead & 6ft under, her path will cross with Bette and she will definitely pull out all the old flirtations and “baby I’ve CHANGED” to draw Bette back into her shit. Bette (and in some
        ways, Tina) will have to face Candace when she least expects to. We’ll see what’s up the road when Bette has her next art show.

        That said, feel like Tina will eventually have to confront any guy(s) that may be attracted to her and cross the line trying to force their way upon her.

        Dear, sweet Peggy has “cleaned house” and given Tina a work environment that is safe from predators. But there are still of course, such low-life types in Tina’s profession. She’ll cross paths with some of them at some point.

        I’m looking forward to how Tibette’s therapists can help them remember how to use their power when threats to dismantle their progress arrive. These two really have internalized harsh-life experiences that have really mold them into a super compassionate/powerful couple! 🥰🥰

      • Hey Billy & DumplinT! Thank you both for reading. We’ll find out the source of Alice’s anger and resentment toward Bette during her conversation with Shane… but that conversation may be too late to stop what has already been set in motion.

        Alice is a terrible friend. I think part of the problem with her – both in my story and in the show – is that Alice always feels she’s the victim, no matter the situation and what she herself has said or done, she is always the “wronged party.” Thus, she doesn’t feel that her reactions are malicious because she believes she’s standing up for herself and proving she’s right. She has a very warped sense of self and of those around her. We’ll also find out her view of what happened between Bette and Candace… it’s disconnected to say the least.

        Thanks to their therapists, Tina has been really respectful of Bette’s boundaries in regards to Alice. So, she’s waiting for the signal that it’s her turn to engage. We won’t see the interaction for a minute, but trust – Tina is ready to pounce.

    2. i’ve never liked alice. she is just too much in others business and she thinks she is always right.

      if you right her out of this story i will be happy.

      great update thanks


    3. I’m wondering if Alice is not putting all this blame of what happened to Bette on Bette because deep down she knows she deserted her friend when she needed her most. All of this bravado is a defensive mechanism to allow herself not to face the truth. Alice fucked up….and deep down she knows it. If she pulls some a stunt at Bette’s opening, she will be persona non grata to Bette and to Tina and possibly to Shane. Her attitude that she knows best is beyond tolerance. She is walking a very thin line with Bette. If Bette had not talked to Tina before hand, she would have proabobly had stood up and just slugged in the mouth and left.

      I think Bette was being honest – she can not trust Alice. And now after her response, the trust level is even less.
      She certainly has not endeared herself to Bette. But Bette is trying…give her an A for effort.

      Thank you for this chapter… Interesting drama… can’t wait to see what happens next.

      Please give us more when you can…..

      • I think the same thing!

        Bette did the right thing to pause this conversation and maybe talk after her show.

        Alice is not a friend i would ever choose to have, but i never liked her in the first place.

        Looking forward to the next chapter!

        • Thanks for reading Martha and Bibi!

          Bette is trying really hard to salvage this friendship, but she’ll find out soon enough that Alice is no friend of hers.

          I think you may be giving Alice a little too much credit Martha – I don’t think she’s defensive because she’s regretful…

    4. Bette, at her core, is an emotionally sensitive person who “wants to please”. She hates burning bridges and absolutely cutting off people from her life, whether their intentions are healthy and life-nurturing or not.

      The abusive relationship that Bette finally got out of was not one where she just flat out bucked up and beat Candace down letting her know that she was thru with her shit!! She only had the eventual strength to flee from it. I just feel like Bette will end up having to face Can again somewhere up the road.

      Bette may not end up going toe-to-toe with fists flyin’, but she will have to burn through the bitch with laser eyes flashing!!.

    5. Thanks so much for this update.

      I agree with the other comments here that Bette can NOT trust Alice in any way, shape or form.

      I like Dumplin’s phrase of ‘burn thru the bitch’ for both Candice if she ever shows her face again & definitely Alice.

      Bette needs to leave them both in her dust!!!!

      Waiting for Tina’s reaction to Bette’s little meeting with Alice – LOOKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!

      Take care & stay safe.

      • Alice is definitely not to be trusted – she is a snake not a friend.

        Mm, Dumplin’s phrase is quite poetic and describes perfectly what needs to happen! :-)

        Tina’s sitting in a tough spot because she wants to crush Alice, but recognizes Bette’s fragility at the moment. She’ll be stepping to Alice soon, but her immediate focus is supporting Bette. I wouldn’t want to be Alice (or Candace) when Tina is finally “released.”

        By the by, just read your latest update… LOVED it! I love your exploration of Tina and how you’re rebuilding their bond. SO good! :-)

        Thanks for reading!

        • Hey Lady,

          A person is in one of 2 camps with Alice – either the Love her or HATE her camp. I’m in the second with the hurting going on. Never liked her & the long time excuse of ‘that’s just Alice being Alice’ is soooooooooooooo over.

          Just want Tina to let loose & stump her into oblivion!!!!!!!

          Thanks for commenting about my latest chapter. Labor of love for the last 2 chapters & the next is not quite so emotional, but still more explaining to do.

          Take care and be safe.


          • I love context for character’s actions. I think that’s why I love TiBette FanFiction so much – they give us answers where the show didn’t. So, I love all the context you’re giving us with both Tina and Bette.

            Stay safe!

      • Martha said something similar about Alice. However, I think we’ll find that Alice is feeling things but guilt is not one of them. There’s no redemption story here for Alice, and it’s going to be rough. Hold on tight!

        Thanks for reading! :-)

      • Tracelovinit,
        Do you think perhaps the Alice in this story wanted to be “more than friends” with Bette only to see Bette choose an abusive, wretched witch instead? Then when Bette refused to leave CandiBitch for good in spite of pleas from both herself and Shane, Alice figured the “heck with you girly?

    6. Elizabeth – love it, bringing the drama my friend! Need Shane and Tina to sit Alice down and do a friend intervention. I agree with everyone’s comments above and look forward to your next chapter, please write quickly!

      • Update coming today!

        We’ll find that Alice is beyond a friend intervention at this point, and when Shane – and Tina especially – find out the depths of her deception… let’s just say “recovery” will not be the goal of any “conversation” had.

        Thanks for reading BK! :-)

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