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    Bette pulled the car up the curb down the block from the Planet, they were going out for the first time and Bette was panicking a little. They had decided to have lunch with their friends. Bette looked at Tina and smiled, it had been three weeks since Tina had given birth to their son. Tina looked relaxed. She was a natural mother. Bette loved that her wife had taken to it.

    “Are you okay?” Tina asked, reaching over and taking her wife’s hand. she loved that at the moment they were total equals, she knew as soon as they went back to the condo that would change but right now they were a couple, with a new born.

    “Yeah, just a little scared,”  Bette admitted.

    “Scared? Why babe?” Tina asked, Bette had come more open with her own emotions and was very willing to speak to Tina.

    “Well the group sees me as Alpha Bette…”

    “You are still alpha Bette, you are still the woman who walked into a bar in New York and picked up a woman, demanded that she called you stressed and gave her her first orgasm and you know it. you’re just married and a Mom now.” Tina smiled.

    “You do know our son is in the car.”

    “Yep and at three weeks he is sleeping and has no clue what his moms are talking about thank goodness. Right, we need to do this why don’t you feed the meter and then get the push chair out and I will get Xander.” Tina said as she opened the door,

    Bette nodded knowing she had too move. Bette got out of the car and fed the meter. Before opening the trunk and taking out the state of the art and expensive pushchair that Bette had bought after doing hours of research. She wanted the best for her family and she could afford the best. she smiled as Tina put the sling on, and slipped Xander into it,

    “Aren’t you going to put him into here,”

    “I just want him close we will need that though. Don’t forget the changing bag.”

    “I won’t.” Bette smiled as Tina strapped Xander into place and he rested his tiny hair against his Mommy’s chest, his fist next to his mother. Tina had dressed him in a shirt and jeans, his feet bare. She enjoyed seeing her wife like this. Bette took the changing bag out and hooked it onto the pushchair. She closed the trunk and pushed the pushchair. Tina put her hand under Xander’s ass and hooked her other arm around Bette’s and they made their way togethers the Planet.

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    1. Jodi, ugh, i never liked her!

      I love strong and confident Tina, well said 👏👏👏

      I am a little confused, was Jodi a former lover of Bette or not? You introduced her as a artist who tried to bed Bette in the hope she got a show and Bette was not attracted to her and that made me believe she never had sex with her. But at the last page she is a former lover?

      It is so great to see Bette as a loving mother and devoted wife, but still is Alpha go the core.

      Thanks for the update!

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