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    Make up or Break Up?

    Seconds later, Tina looks up and wipes her eyes as she stares at a picture sitting on the nightstand of her laughing as Bette playfully whispers in her ear. She gulps and then quickly stands up and hurries out of her room…



    Bette climbs into her car and slams the door shut. She takes a second to compose herself before she starts her car and pulls out of the parking space. Just as she’s leaving the lot, Tina hops in front of the car, forcing Bette to slam on the brakes.

    Tina: Wait!

    Bette angrily gets out of the car.

    Bette: Have you lost your mind? You could have been seriously injured.

    Tina: I don’t care……just wait. Please.

    Bette folds her arms over her chest.

    Bette: For what purpose? You need time, you made your point perfectly clear.

    Tina’s heart drops when she sees the hurt in Bette’s eyes.

    Tina: I’m scared, baby. Okay? I’m terrified that I’m not strong enough to be what you need me to be, I’m worried that I’m not nearly qualified enough to be with you.

    Bette: Tina…. I love you, all I ask is that you love me in return. I ask nothing else of you.

    Tina: I’m so sorry I hurt you, my asking for time has absolutely nothing to do with whether you are worth the risk baby. You are the love of my life, I have no doubt about that. Every ounce of hesitancy I feel is about me. My self-esteem plummeted the second your staffer walked into your kitchen and let me know in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t equipped to be with you. She and your father were right, I don’t know really anything about your culture.

    Bette: Then you talk to me and allow me to teach you all you need or want to know, you do not push me away and most literally run to the other side of the country.

    Tina gulps and shrugs.

    Tina: You know I love you, I’m sorry I allowed myself to be swayed by your father. You must admit that he’s a pretty intimidating being.

    Bette: I will concede this point….

    Tina reaches down and grabs Bette’s hand.

    Tina: I still have a while before my flight….do you want to come back in. Talk?

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    1. Thanks! Great to see new chapter one of my favourite of yours stories!!!

      Later, when i can read it – i’ll write another comment about this part, but for now – thank you again!

    2. Thank you so much for the chapter !!!

      I love this story and all the others too.

      I must admit i got a little bit scared when i saw the title, but you made me a very happy Tibetter.

      Good of Tina to make it clear to Melvin where she stands about the future.

      And glad that Tina’s parents are supporting her.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      Thanks again!

    3. Hi beg,

      Sorry to be so late in commenting but got a lot happening in my life just now.

      I absolutely love your Bette in this story and delighted Tina stood up to Melvin.

      Great Chapter please, please post the next really soon.

      Thanks for a great Story. You’re quite a Writer Girl!


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