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    Making Her Claim

    Tina picked up speed as she ran her usual route around Central Park. The crunch of the fallen leaves under her feet. Her mind was racing, she had desires that was she was trying to hide from. She was using her run to try and clear her mind but she knew that it wasn’t working. Since splitting from her boyfriend her mind had been drawn to dark desires and she didn’t know what she was going to do. As she approached the gates she would leave through she stopped and moved onto the grass and started to do her cool down exercises. She looked up and noticed a dark haired woman watching her. The woman smiled at her before winking and moving off.

    Tina felt herself blushing, she shook her head. She finished her cool down and left the park. She knew that people watched her, she noticed men turning to watch as she walked back. She didn’t get the same thrill as when a woman checked her. She couldn’t stop thinking about the dark haired woman, she had dark eyes. Tina wondered if the woman would treat her the way she needed. She took a deep breath. She arrived home and once she closed the door she lent against it taking a deep breath. Dark and twisted thoughts filled her mind. She shook her head and walked into the living room, the card she had been handed in a night club the night before. It was a black card, with gold writing on it. It was a for a special kind of club off Broadway.

    She put the card down and walked into the bathroom she stripped and got into the shower. The hot water hitting her body. she put her head back, enjoying the water. She closed her eyes and saw the woman from the park. She could feel those dark brown eyes on her. She wanted to feel the mocha skin on her body. She pictured the woman in her mind, tying her down, inflicting pain. Fucking her.

    Tina ran her hand down her own body pitching her nipples. She moaned.

    She hand slipped down further she opened her legs and gently rubbed her clit. Slapping it a few times. All she could do was fantasise about was that woman. She had barely seen her. but she was now filling her head.

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