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    Giving birth in California was a turn of events that Marci could not have imagined when she decided to give the baby up for adoption. Granted she’d registered with a national adoption agency, so nationwide applicants were expected; her leaving Nevada wasn’t. The other thing she could not have planned for was the reason. In truth she never gave thought one way or another of the possibility that the chosen couple would be gay but regardless she was unaware of the inequities in the Nevada state laws between the rights of potential heterosexual and homosexual adoptive parents. A heterosexual couple would have had no legal issues adopting a baby born in Nevada regardless of their home state even if it were California.

    Marci had predicted her baby would have an interesting life, who knew how interesting her life was going to be as a result of conceiving him. Unlike the two other pregnancies Marci was in a relationship with this baby’s father. It wasn’t just a sex thing but regardless she still ended up alone with another unplanned pregnancy and the father nowhere to be found.


    Marci was sexually active from the time she turned fifteen and only practiced somewhat safe sex; the key word being ‘somewhat’. Most of the boys she had sex with wore condoms but if they didn’t have one or refused, she didn’t turn them away. Her lack of concern about taking precautions and responsibility for her own methods of birth control resulted in four unplanned pregnancies in six years.

    Marci was 16 and in high school when she got pregnant the first time. The football jock whom she
    claimed fathered the child took no responsibility and considering Marci’s promiscuous sexual behavior amongst his teammates, only a paternity test would have proven her right. In the end it didn’t matter because her parents Kathy and Bob Dickerson convinced her to have an abortion which she did. She suffered horribly with guilt and depression after the procedure. Unfortunately, the tragic experience didn’t change her sexual habits of unprotected sex but instead made her resolute in her convictions never to abort another pregnancy.

    The second one happened the year Marci turned 18. She’d graduated high school with no expectations of higher education. It wasn’t low grades or financial hardships that hindered her. She was intelligent, got passing grades and with a bit of effort could have likely qualified for a scholarship or financial aid, but she just wasn’t focused.

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    1. I like the way this chapter was structured. Interesting way to introduce your Marci. Glad that Bette and Tina are with her. Hope the father is a non issue. Looking forward to baby Logan’s arrival. Thanks for the update.

      • Thank you Billy. I didn’t plan to write the chapter like that but it just evolved as I was making up Marci’s story. The father will not threaten the adoption but we will learn that Logan has a good heritage he can be proud of. Not just some random guy Marci had sex with.

    2. Thanks for giving a background on Marci. Like Billy mentioned the father isn’t a issue i hope.

      And Logan isn’t born yet, i hope he will grow a little bit more before he will be born.

      Kit and her phone, only sending thumbs up made me laugh.

      Looking forward to read the next chapter!

      • Hi Bibi28. Thank you for reading and commenting. Logan’s father will not be a problem. Just wanted to give him and Marci a backstory.

        Do you remember the episode on the Lword when everyone was texting about Jenny and Shane hooking up and Kit had no clue because she didn’t know why her phone kept dinging. That’s what I was thinking about when I wrote that. Glad you got a laugh from it.

        Next chapter coming soon.

    3. Thank you Billy. I didn’t plan to write the chapter like that but it just evolved as I was making up Marci’s story. The father will not threaten the adoption but we will learn that Logan has a good heritage he can be proud of. Not just some random guy Marci had sex with.

    4. Thanks for this nice Chapter fleshing out Marci, really enjoyed it.

      Love that Kit still gets a mention and her inadequacy with technology raised a rye smile on my part. I still struggle at times especially now with a new Phone and Laptop !!

      Looking forward to finding out who the father is.
      Thanks for posting, stay safe and well

    5. Marci seems like a little above average middle class young lady. She is a product of her environment and surroundings. She’s had children early, she trying to get some more education to improve her life and she has the support of her mom and step-father. Its just too bad that her parents are prejudice and homophobic.

      I just wonder why Marci decided to go to Bridgeport? And why didn’t she call Bette and Tina and keep them informed as to what she was doing? Leaving them in a state of assuming that they were not going to get this baby.

      Actually it’s a nice surprise that Marci has not had the baby yet. That means he has a better chance of being fully developed by the time he arrives. And it means that Tina and Bette can be present for the birthing and the moment he takes his first breath. And since it looks like it’s going to be two weeks before the baby is born, it will give Marci an opportunity to know Bette and Tina better. Hopefully she will be able to reassure herself that she has made a good decision for everyone concerned.

      I like the way this story is developing as well. This is going to give Bette and Tina a bit of time together to solidify their relationship and discuss their future – possibly New York? And now that they are away from the Jodi-Kelley-Jenny chaos, maybe they can formulate a plan on how to deal with these three and whatever they are up to.

      Thank you for this update… look forward to what is happens next…

      • Martha3128

        As usually your comments and insights are right on target. You describe Marci perfectly. In my version I wanted to give Marci a bit more substance and credit for defying her parent’s bigotry. She’s intelligent and trying to better herself. If she could manage on her own, she may have kept the baby. I want Bette and Tina to have some knowledge about the baby’s father which is why I brought him into the story. It also appears from how Marci’s little boys immediately accepted Angelica and welcomed her to play with their toys was a credit to Marci not being as narrow-minded as her parents about race.

        I’m working on an explanation of why Marci didn’t call Bette and Tina when she no showed on the bus and how she ended up in Bridgeport. I put the horse before the cart. I was focused on getting her to California to give birth without coming to stay with Bette and Tina. I also wanted to be sure Bette and Tina were present for the birth. Now I have to backtrack and figure out the logistics to make it credible.

        I especially like your thoughts on the two weeks Bette and Tina are spending with Marci. My purpose was for them to get to know her and the baby’s father, but you pointed out that Marci can get to know them. She may very well have some reservations about her decision for them to adopt Logan and this is a great time together to address it.

        The Bette and Tina time away from Los Angeles is also a great point to focus on. They have some important life decisions to make for themselves and their children. The evil trio will be dealt with. I promise their plotting against Bette and Tina is going to backfire.

        You gave me a lot to consider as we continue this journey. Thank you.

      • Deanna, thank you.

        It just sort of worked out the way it did as I was writing, but Martha3128 actually gave me an idea in her comments that I hadn’t considered. The two weeks Bette, Tina and Marci spend together in Bridgeport could really build be used to build on Marci’s character. Another surprising turn but that’s the way these stories write themselves sometimes.

        Thank you for reading and commenting. Be safe.

    6. Thanks for this story.

      We are on a semi-lockdown here so it’s nice to have good fics to read !

      Can’t wait to know more because in the Tv show, Marci’s mother was not very excited about giving the baby up for adoption to Bette and Tina. She even threatened to kick her out with her children so what about this situation ??

      • izzie,

        Glad to provide some reading for you during the semi-lockdown. We certainly have some great stories on site currently that I look forward to reading whenever a new chapter is posted.

        You are absolutely correct, Marci’s mother did make that threat and it will play into my story in the next chapter. More than likely it was her parents that were responsible for Marci changing her mind about Bette and Tina adopting (on the show), and was just too immature or insecure to at least make the phone call to tell them instead of standing them up at the bus station.

        In my story Marci is courageous but she also is very dependent on her parents just for survival. All that will be taken into consideration.

        Thank you, Please stay safe.

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