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    Meeting Angie

    Tina was fussing. She had been all day, she didn’t know why she was so nervous to meet Bette’s daughter. She was cleaning a table when Bette opened the door to the coffee shop, with a girl beside her, slightly darker skin, her hair up out of her face but she looked like a younger version of Bette. The girl was dressed in jeans and t-shirt, with a shirt thrown over the top. Bette looked lovely in her business suit.

    Tina just wished her day hadn’t got so out of hand and she’d had more time to think about meetin Bette’s daughter. Everything that could go wrong was going wrong.

    Tina picked up the tray from the table,

    “Jon, can you clean that table please,” Tina asked, as it needed wiping down.

    “Sure Tina,” The young man said as Tina put the tray onto the counter and then went to Bette. “Hi,” She smiled

    “Hi,” Bette smiled back,

    Angie watched, she’d never seen her mother so, well goofy before.

    “Erm, sorry one of the servers didn’t turn up, Casey is on her way she’ll be about five minutes, I need to wash up, you okay waiting a second,” Tina said softly

    “Sure,” Bette knew that she need Casey to lock up as it was nearly half six when the café closed for the evening.

    Tina went into the kitchen and washed her hands, laughing when Casey ran in,

    “Tina I’m sorry, I know you’re going out this evening,”

    “Casey it’s fine but can you fire Matt, not turning up isn’t good for me. hire a replacement if you need too. Erm, I better be going,”

    “is that her out there with the young girl,”

    “Yeah, that’s Bette.”

    “She’s stunning you’re one lucky woman,”

    “Thank you,” Tina laughed, “I’m going to go, please lock up.”

    “I will have you cashed up,”

    “Yeah, whatever you take now can go into tomorrows takings.”


    Tina walked out and looked at Bette who was chatting with her teenage daughter.

    “I’m so sorry about that,”

    “It’s fine honestly Ti, erm. Tina this is my daughter Angelica.”

    “Hi,” Tina reached out and shook the girls hand,

    “Hi, you’re very pretty,”

    “Thank you,” Tina blushed she never thought she was. “Erm shall we go,”

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    1. Wow,… how sweet! Nice chapter… Tina and Angie getting along well and Bette is head over heals in love with Tina. And Angie approves of Bette and Tina being together…

      Thanks for the chapter… Look forward to more…

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