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    Meeting Her

    The car pulled up outside the large building. A man in a black suit, white shirt and black tie and sunglasses got out of the passenger side door and opened the back door. She slowly got out of the car. She was wearing hand made leather heels, a pencil shirt suit and a tight fitting white shirt with sunglasses covering her eyes, her hair curled and lose around her face. The door man to the building opened the door and watched as she walked in. She nodded at him as if to say thank you. She walked over to the reception desk and was handed a key. She smiled before getting into the elevator, she put in the code that was written on the key card and headed to the penthouse apartment of the building. She typed her finger on railing impatiently as the elevator seemed to crawl up the building.

    The elevator finally came to stop and the door slide open revealing a corridor. She stepped out and walked towards the door, using the key card to open the door. She slowly closed the door with a soft click and smiled to herself. She slowly removed her sunglasses and took in the large open plan living room, bedroom area. She put the glasses down on the table next to the door. Her heels clicked on the expensive wooden floor. She turned and looked at the bed which was under a balcony area which was where the bathroom was.

    A slow wicked smile spread across her face as she looked at the woman lay, completely naked on the bed. The woman was lay on her back, her legs slightly spread, her arms resting submissively on either side of her head. Her eyes looking up at the celling. She watched the woman’s chest raise and fall with the excited breathing.

    “Nice to see you can follow instructions to the letter,” Her voice was strong, as she slowly walked towards the bed.

    She took in the pale skin, her roundness of the woman’s breasts. The hardness of her pink nipples as the air conned air hit her body, leaving slight goosebumps on her body.

    “Yes Mistress,” The woman’s voice had that hit of a southern drawl in it.

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