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    Meeting Her

    Bette walked around the bed, reaching under headboard and bring out the first of the leather cuffs, She Took the pale arm of the woman in her bed and cuffed her arms into place. She smiled softly as the woman let out a little moan as she tugged and knew there was no escape. Bette slowly walked around the bed, she was taking her time on purpose. Her movements slow. She was making sure every step she took there was the click of her heels. She had complete and utter power over the situation and she was enjoying it. She finally reached the other side of the bed and cuffed the other arm.

    She watched the look of submissiveness cross over the woman’s face and she smiled. She watched as the woman pulled on the cuffs. Not in an escape way but to test that they would hold.

    “You are perfect,” Bette said, as she slowly removed her jacket. Walking over to a chair that was placed at the end of the bed, she sat down and looked at the woman. She looked like a hunter who had caught her prey. Silence fell over the room.

    “Mistress,” her voice was soft as she spoke.

    “I’m still here.” Bette said, smiling.

    The silence was heavy. Bette was listening to the blonde’s breathing get heavier she knew what she was doing.

    “Are you wet?” Bette asked, as she got up and walked over to the mini fridge in the corner of the room. She took out a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass, slowly taking a sip as she turned and was grated by the naked woman in the middle of the bed. She hadn’t got an answer. “Answer me.” Bette demanded.

    “Yes, Mistress, I am wet.”

    “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

    Bette took another drink and then removed her cuff links. Making sure they made a noise when they hit the table. She took her time to roll up her sleeves. Before taking another sip of wine and walking towards the bed. She walked over and took in the woman again,. She loved looking at her.

    The woman in the bed’s head was back, she was breathing hard. She was lost in the bondage, which was very light. She flexed her hands.

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