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    Meeting Her

    Bette reached over and punched the woman’s nipple between her finger and thumb. Twisting it.

    “Agh,” The woman cried out in pleasure and pain, her back arching.

    “Mmm, you like nipple play?” Bette asked slowly.

    “Yes, yes Mistress,”

    Bette grinned she released the woman’s nipple and then did the same to the other,  watching the flush that formed on the woman’s neck and shoulder. She loved it.

    Bette licked her lips. Running her fingers nails along the woman’s toned stomach, watching her twist and move.

    “You can’t escape me,” Bette whispered. Her fingers move down over the woman’s moan. The woman opened her legs. Allowing Bette access to her. She slipped her fingers into the woman’s wet slit and grinned at how wet shew as.

    The woman moaned.

    “Who said I wanted to escape?”

    Bette laughed at the question.

    “Some people may wish too,” Bette slapped the woman’s clit, sending a jolt through her,

    “Agh, I am not one of those people.”

    “I know,” Bette grinned. As she punched the woman’s clit. “Tell me something,”

    “Anything Mistress,” the woman moaned as Bette rubbed her clit roughing and every so often slapped it.

    “What’s your name?”

    “You know my name,”

    “I do, but I still want you to tell me.”

    “Tina Kennard.”


    Bette smiled as she carried on rubbing Tina’s clit. She moved and looked down at the woman, she reached down and kissed her. They both felt the spark as they kissed passionately.

    “You are mine now.” Bette whispered before slapping her clit again, making Tina moan. “Mine.” Bette pushed two fingers into Tina as she spoke the words. Roughing she pumped her fingers in and out of her. She watched Tina’s eyes close and her hands fist.

    Bette smiled wickedly again.

    “Do you want to be mine?” Bette asked as she fingers curled and found that magic spot inside of Tina.

    “Yes Mistress, I want to be yours.” Tina yelped as she body reacted. She had never felt this pleasure before and she knew she wanted to explore it all. She wanted it all.

    Bette lent over her. Pumped her fingers harder,

    “Open your eyes,” she demanded.

    Tina opened her hazel eyes and looked up at the brown eyed woman above her. Bette move her fingers faster and harder into Tina. Tina’s head fell back. She wanted it all.

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