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    Meeting Her

    “I want you to come on my hand,” Bette demanded. Curling her fingers again that was enough for Tina. She screamed as she came onto Bette’s hand. Bette slowly removed her fingers and licked her fingers. “You taste amazing.”

    Bette got off the bed, leaving Tina, she went upstairs and washed her hand, before bring a towel down with her she gently wipe the sweat from Tina’s fore head before getting a bottle of water and putting a straw into it. She went back to the bed and lifted Tina’s head and let her drink.

    “We’re not done,”

    “I didn’t think we were,” Tina smiled as she pay back against the pillows.

    Bette smiled.

    “What made you answer the ad?” Bette asked as she poured herself another glass of wine. Taking a slow slip. Bette had put an advert into a high class BDSM website to meet a submissive. She had been single too long and had decided this would be the only way to meet someone who could meet her sexual needs, even though she needed someone who could meet her sexual and personal needs.

    “I was curious,”

    “About being submissive or having sex with a woman,” Bette asked, sitting back int the chair at the end of the bed. This have her a lovely view of Tina’s perfect pale body.

    “Am I allowed to say both?” Tina smiled, she was starting to relax completely after the orgasm she had just been given.

    “You are,” Bette said, seriously

    “Both, I want to find the real me, I’ve tired light spankings and stuff with pervious relationships but it never felt right. This feels right.” Tina said.

    “You were willing to come to a BDSM Hotel in the middle of LA and lay on a bed naked.”

    “You requested it in your last email.”

    “I did,” Bette smiled.

    Her and Tina had exchanged a number of emails and had learnt a lot about each other. Bette knew they would get on outside the bedroom. They had exchanged photographs and details on the last email before the meet and now Bette was just overjoyed. She attracted to this woman and she wanted her as her submissive.

    “I’m yours.” Tina whispered. Bette put the glass back down and got up.

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