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    Meeting Her

    “We’ve barely got started.”

    “I’m yours.” Tina repeated.

    Bette grinned. Running her fingers along Tina’s leg, up her body.

    “You need a safe word.” Bette said.

    “I’ve read up on this,”


    “I want to use red,”

    “That’s the best way to do it.” Bette grinned. “We can’t really get into much here. I don’t have any toys or robe or anything I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.”

    Tina nodded.

    Bette very slowly started to remove her clothes. Tina’s eyes watched, slightly wide. She was very attracted to Bette and her body was reacting to her.

    Bette loved the reaction she was getting. Bette knew what she wanted.

    “Have you ever given a woman oral?” Bette asked as she uncuffed Tina.

    “No, erm. I’ve only ever kissed a woman before,” Tina admitted in a small voice.

    “It’s nothing to be ashamed off. You’re in a for an adventure. I want you to use nothing but your tongue. Remember if it feels good for you it will feel good for me.”

    Bette sat on the edge of the bed

    “Get on your knees here.” Bette demanding pointing in front of her on the floor.

    Tina got off the bed and knelt in front of Bette. Bette opened her legs and watched as Tina slowly moved forward.

    “Get on with it,” Bette demanded

    “yes mistress,” Tina smiled, as she felt Bette’s hand in her hair pulling her into place.

    Bette’s head fell back, as Tina’s lips locked around her clit and she sucked, every so often flicking her tongue.

    Tina felt proud as she listened to Bette’s moans. Bette tasted amazing she knew she could spend hours worshiping her. She wanted to kneel for her. She knew that she was going to carry on this. Tonight was not a one off.

    It took about half an hour and Tina’s knees were weak, but Bette finally let her body lose control and came hard. They both sat. for a moment, before Bette pulled Tina up effortlessly. She held her as they fell back onto the bed.

    “Would you like to do this again?” Bette asked,

    “I want to explore more of myself. Tonight I’ve felt free. Alive. Sexually awaken.” Tina smiled.

    “You’re the first woman I’ve connected with in a long time. I want to get to know. Fuck you. Enjoy you. Be your mistress. Would you allow that?”

    “Yes,” Tina whispered.

    “Good.” Bette grinned. Before she took tina’s face in her hands and kissed her passionately. Their bodies rubbing together. Bette’s hands roamed all over Tina’s perfect body. “Mine,” Bette whispered as she pulled away. She reached up and started to play with Tina’s hair.


    “Mmm,” Bette said slowly.

    “Will…will…” Tina didn’t know really how to ask for what she wanted. She was all new at this. It felt amazing. She wanted more.

    “What Pet?” Bette asked, her fingers still running gently through Tina’s blonde locks.

    “Will you be rougher next time?”

    “We need to find your limits We have to find what you like and what you don’t like, if you’re willing.”

    “Yes Mistress. I want to explore it all.” Tina smiled.

    Bette kissed her again. She wanted to leave the best impression on Tina.

    “Meet me next Friday at Sins nightclub.”

    “Yes mistress.”

    “I will text you want you are to wear”

    “Yes mistress.” Tina smiled contentedly. For the first time in years she felt at ease. Bette made her feel things she had never expected to feel and she wanted to follow this and see where it took her.

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