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    Tina Kennard was in the middle of the dance floor, her hips swinging to the music, her hands in the air. Her body feeling the music. She was lost in the moment. Her eyes closed as the beat surrounded her. she knew she looked good in tight fitting low riding jeans, low cut fancy tank top, that was covered in fake crystals. Her feet in comfortable boots. Her body was in perfect tune to the music. The club was fall. She was getting noticed, not that she cared. she was simply there to have a good time.

    Bette Porter saw her at once. She was sat at the bar, a glass of whiskey on the rocks in her hand as she scanned the room. Her eyes drawn to the blonde in the middle of the dance floor who didn’t care. She was new here. Bette hadn’t seen her before and she was enjoying the way the woman moved her body. she had imagines in her mind of the woman in her bed. She smiled softly as she took a drink of her drink.

    “Who are you watching?” Shane asked sliding up to her friend.

    “The blonde,” Bette pointed with the hand that was holding her glass.

    Shane followed her friends eyeline and smiled.

    “Agh, she’s the talk of the club. She came in, had a couple of drinks and has been dancing since. She’s one very sexy lady,”

    “Everyone in the club is watching her?” Bette asked, looking at Shane for a second before she moved her eyes back to the woman, she was moving away from another woman who she didn’t want to dance with.

    “Yes, women have been trying to get close to her but she just moves away and keeps dancing.”

    “Sounds like a challenge to me,” Bette grinned as she drained her glass.

    She put the glass on to the bar and walked towards the dance floor. Women moving out of the way knowing that Bette had found her pray. Bette was knowing in the community.  Women would kill to be with her. She rarely did relationships and they never lasted long. Women watched her and Bette loved the attention.

    Bette walked onto the dance floor and walked behind the blonde whose hips were moving smoothly to the beat. Bette stepped into the blondes personal space, she smelt amazing. Bette gently touched her hips her own body moving with the blondes. She heard the blonde gasp as she looked over her shoulder.

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    1. Okay then, thought i could read this because the wife is watching a soccer game, turns out that i have to cool myself down in the swimming pool now!

      Great beginning, i look forward to the next chapter!

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