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    Melvin, the Philantropist

    “I must agree Melvin.” Oscar smiled and looked at his notes. “The PMA Foundation was listed as one of the leaders in philanthropic support of civil legal aid nationwide. There are also thousands of pro-bono cases listed that site examples where your law firm has litigated for situations that we see every day at the center. You’ve helped men, women and children get out of abusive situations; kept families with financial setbacks from losing their homes; given victims of medical malpractices a fighting chance at survival.” Lifting his head from reading Oscar looked Melvin in the eye. “We’ve given support, but it has been more emotional than practical as we don’t currently have the means or the expertise. If we could at the very least get them legal advice it would be a godsend.”

    “Oscar, we can do so much more with the right law partnerships. If someone commits a crime and they can’t afford legal representation they have a constitutional right to a free court-appointed lawyer but that is not the case in civil lawsuits. In either case whether criminal or civil if the plaintiff can’t afford a lawyer or can’t get legal help they have no recourse. Financing legal services made available with grants from the PMA Foundation gives the innocents their day in court too.”

    “Do you do some of this pro-bono work yourself?” Oscar asked wanting to take advantage of Melvin’s first-hand knowledge. The more they talked, the more insights he garnered into the virtues of expanding the center’s offerings in this field.

    “Of course. Every partner and associate in the firm is committed to a certain number of volunteer hours. It’s ingrained in the culture that Charlie and I fostered over 40 years ago. We also have paralegals, clerks, secretaries, and legal assistants doing their part. Our pro-bono cases get the same attention, representation and resources as our paying clients. In fact, my commitment is greater now that I have retired from the firm. My regular clients have been transferred to others within the organization, so I’m able to pick and choose my cases.” He gave several examples of cases that he’d tried himself over the years expounding on the good works of his foundation.

    Oscar turned to Tina half-jokingly. “Tina where have you been hiding this guy?” But the real question was why had she not reached out to the PMA Foundation in her grant search or why she had not taken advantage of her familial relationship with Melvin to get insights into expanding the center’s offerings to include legal and financial services before.


    1. OK he’s growing on me!
      As you know though BAT I am acquainted with an awful lot of Lawyers! My world of Law was, of course, in the UK but ………

      I enjoyed the post but it has left me still a little anxious about his ultimate intentions – sorry :-)
      Thanks for the continuing posts BAT really enjoying them.

      • Hi SassyGran. Thank you. Glad to know he is growing on you. Don’t hold me to any of the law stuff being accurate, as I have no knowledge of it, but wanted Melvin to do something selfless. His original intension was to make up with Kit before he died, and to bring David back to her but all that changed after he found Tina pregnant. Now he wants to be a better person and have a chance at being a grandpa to Bette and Tina’s baby.

    2. Wonderful chapter, thank you very much. It is a pleasure to read something positive about Melvin and the family. Just guessing but, from reading between the lines and having clues from the story it looks as though he might have changed his mind about treatments. I won’t try to guess anymore than that but, thanks for writing him in for a little longer term than we first thought. Would love to see him turn helbitch inside out. That also means that we may get a chance to see Peggy P. show up in this story and what a meeting that would be, two old warhorses from the monied elite crossing swords. Should be very interesting. You haven’t mentioned whether they know of each other so I won’t even hazard a guess about that. Can’t remember now if it was on the show or someone’s story that they knew each other and had interactions of some sort. Anyway that should be a very interesting part of the story. So happy you’re back. Thanks for posting.

      • Hi Dainty. So glad to hear from you. You were always so intuitive about my story lines, I see that hasn’t changed. I considered Melvin and Peggy knowing each other as they would travel in the same social circle but decided against it since she and Bette are so close. However Peggy will make an appearance, and they just might join forces. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    3. Bibi28. Ha ha, not sure where the old Melvin went, but I like this new version. He’s going to do a lot of good for his family so has to stick around for a while. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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