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    Washington D.C. – October 30, 2009 – Friday

    Feeling fingers playing in her hair, Tina gently rolled over to see the most beautiful eyes she has ever seen, “morning,” she smiled.

    “Good morning,” Bette whispered back, kissing Tina soft on the lips. “How’d you sleep?”

    “I always sleep good when I’m in your arms,” Tina purred as she nuzzled deeper into the brunette’s arms. “What time is it?”

    “A little after 5.”

    “I have to get up soon,” Tina mumbled, not wanting to leave the bed.

    Bette smiled as she leaned down and began to press light kisses on Tina’s face, “we could always make the morning a bit better.”

    Tina looked up from Bette’s chest as she bit her lower lip, “I think that would be a good idea.”

    “Oh?” Bette asked, softly, running her fingers down Tina’s back. “You do, huh?”

    Tina nodded and leaned in to kiss her. Running her tongue along Bette’s mouth, she was quickly granted access.

    Moaning softly, Bette rolled Tina over and laid herself in-between the blonde’s legs. Moving her mouth away from Tina’s, she slowly started to kiss her way down the pale chest in front of her.

    Taking Tina’s breast in her hands, she looked up at the hazel eyes to see pure want reflecting in them.

    “I don’t have all day, babe,” Tina panted.

    Laughing lightly, Bette nodded and took a nipple in her mouth, running her tongue over the taunt pink nub.

    “You are…so fucking good at that,” Tina groaned, pushing her head back in the pillows.

    Smiling, Bette moved to the other breast to repeat the same action. Feeling Tina’s thigh pushing into her own center, she groaned as she looked up at the blonde.

    Tina bit her lower lip and pushed Bette backwards, sitting in her lap. Running her hands through the dark curls, Tina pushed herself against the other woman.

    “Jesus, Tee…” Bette groaned into Tina’s neck.

    Bending her head, Tina took a dark nipple into her mouth as she continued to grind herself into Bette.

    Wrapping her one arm around the blonde’s waist, Bette took her other arm to grab Tina’s behind. Squeezing the toned behind, Bette buried her face into Tina’s next and began to suck on the skin.

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    1. I had to look twice to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me!! Thank you so much Kylie for the early post!

      So, the person who’s after Tina is someone from a previous case? Or her actual ex? Did I read that right? It’s nice to finally start to get some insight to what happened to Tina. But I feel like that’s only just touching the surface.

      Looks like things are getting pretty serious!! PPS

    2. oh geeze for Lexi. I guess she didnt recognize that the door ajar & lights off was the way Tina was abducted.

      Does anyone survive getting hit with a sledge hammer???

      We’ll see how emotionally “secure” BETTE is when Tina finds out that Lexi is hurt or dead. I dont see Tina being able to hide her emotions from Bette in this situation!! If Lexi survives this ordeal, Tina will feel obligated to nurse her through it

    3. I spend the whole reading of this story in anxious anticipation of something nasty happening !!

      You never fail to bring my fears to fruition and then leave me hanging until the next post!!

      Worst thing this time is that I was unable to read until bedtime and now I’m about to try to go to sleep and, like a child, I’m leaving the light on!!

      Can’t wait ’til next week!

    4. Hi Kylie,

      I read it finally!!!

      It is a brilliant story!!!

      I love the interaction between Tina and her DC family, they know each other so well.

      My question is why Lexi didn’t call for back up before she entered her home, if she knows what happened to Tina she shouldn’t have gone in without somebody else. Still hope she will survive.

      You are building the story up to the big final and i love it!!!

      Hope that you will surprise us again with a early update!

      • The details of what happened to Tina are not public record. The only person who knows what went down that week, from start to finish, is Tina. Vague details spread throughout the FBI, kind of like in any major situation, not everything is shared.

        Expect a new chapter either Friday or Saturday!


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