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    The River Thames,



    United Kingdom


    Tina stood on the banks of the Thames watching as the boats slowly sailed down. Her hands deep in her coat pockets. It had been a week since Bette had been taken and she was getting fed up with the daily emails. Everyday she got a photo of her lover hurting and everyday it broke her heart.  She took a deep breath. Taking in the bitter air.

    “We have to stop meeting like this,” Helena Peabody walked towards her friend.

    Tina would normally smile at her friends jokes but right now she felt lost.

    “I never wanted to meet you like this,” Tina said, she took her hands out of her pockets and lent on the barrier.

    “I’m sorry Tina,”

    “Everyday I get an image and everyday she looks like she’s fading. I’ve dealt with hundreds of cases yet because this is my girlfriend I can’t just switch off.”

    “Are they closer to finding the arsehole?” Helena asked, standing beside her friend, she really didn’t know what to say to her oldest friend.

    “They are following a number of different lines of enquiry.”

    “Ever the professional Tina,”

    “Ideally they need him to slip up, to make a massive mistake. Every day he has her she’s one day closer to death.”

    “She’s still the headlines everywhere,”

    “That will fade unless we find her.” Tina looked at her friend, “She had been dropped by the theatre show, they said she wasn’t right for the part but its’ because the prick in charge is a homophobic idiot, she was ready to come home.”

    “Do you think because she was coming home he took her sooner than he wanted too?” Helena asked,

    “Yes, news was getting out that she was coming home. But only a small group…” Something clicked in Tina’s brain. “Sorry Helena, I’ve gotta go,”


    Tina walked away flagging down a taxi,

    “Hammersmith police station please,” She sat back her mind moving quickly. She’d sent too much time working with law enforcement that she was good at putting clues together.


    Hammersmith Police Station




    United Kingdom.


    “I need to speak to DI Carlton please,” Tina said, running her hands through her hair.

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