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    Mistress’s Wishes

    Bette sat with a glass of wine in her hand, slowly taking a sip as she looked at Tina, who she had tied with robes for the first time in months her wife was completely hers. She tied Tina’s hands to the headboard, her legs apart, with robes looping around her breasts, holding her completely in place. She had blindfolded her, making Tina relax completely. They had been sat in silence for a while now. Bette loved that Tina was so naturally submissive and she needed it. she needed to feel like all the power was in Bette’s hands,

    Tina lay in the darkness that her mistress had imposed on her. The moment Bette had started to tie her up, she had felt her whole body relax. Her fingers were wrapped around the silk like robe that was holding her in place. She was pleased with her body, as she was putting the work in to keep her body tight. She wanted to make sure that Bette wanted her, needed her. and she knew now laying here that Bette did want her. She was also safe in the knowledge that Xander was in being well looked after by Kit and they could enjoy this time together.

    Tina could feel her nipples hardening to the cool air of the room. Her breasts and clit were more sensitive than they had been due to childbirth. Her body reacted differently to a lot of things now. she loved it. she took a breath, relaxing more. She knew that Bette was watching her, she could feel her eyes on her. she knew that her wife was enjoying the view that Tina was giving her. Tina knew that her centre was wet and she was leaking onto the bed. She wanted Bette to take her. she knew she had to wait.

    “You’re fucking perfect,” Bette said suddenly, almost making Tina jump.

    “Am I mistress?” Tina asked, trying to sound as innocent as she had been when they had first meet.

    “You know you are, I watch you every morning doing your sit ups at the end of the bed, you tease me, in your tight shorts and tank top. You know what you do to me,”

    “I don’t Mistress,”

    Bette laughed.

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