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    Morning After

    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Tina rolled over and wrapped her arm around Bette’s naked body, Bette reached down and gently took her wife’s hand, playing with the new ring on her wife’s hand. Bette smiled. This felt right, completely and utterly right. She gently placed her hand over Tina’s linking their fingers together. She felt Tina snuggle deeper into her. she felt Tina’s lips brush against her naked back. Before she moved and dropped deeper to sleep.

    Bette closed her eyes, just relaxing and listen to her wife’s steady breathing.


    Press Article.

    Online New source


    President Elizabeth Porter, 45 who married yesterday is not expected to have a long honeymoon at this time.

    Porter, who married Dr Tina Kennard on the couples estate in New Hampshire, is expected back in Washington DC on Monday.

    The White House has put out an official statement out this morning. “The President has married her domestic partner Tina Kennard at the couples home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The President is overjoyed to finally call Dr Kennard her wife. The couple will be taking a few days to themselves before returning to Washington, where the President is working on the new Education Bill and Dr Kennard will start her new role as First Lady of the United States.”


    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Tina stood barefoot, wearing just an oversized shirt in the middle of the kitchen. She was making her and Bette a late breakfast. She knew that Bette was going through her daily excuses. Tina had decided she wanted fresh orange juice and was using her new juicer that Alice had bought them as a wedding gift.

    Bette walked into the kitchen, she was leaning heavily on her cane, she walked up behind Tina and wrapped her arms around her, kissing Tina’s exposed neck as her hair was up.

    “You okay honey?” Tina asked, as she filled two glasses with the fresh juice.

    “Yeah, just sore. It was a big day yesterday. I should have used my chair more.”

    “We both know that but you don’t listen to me, “Tina replied smiling.

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    1. Glad to see our first family back… like to see these two get through the first term of the Presidency and then consider not running for a 2nd term. They need to consider retiring to Vermont and starting that family they were talking about earlier. Being parents takes a lot of energy and Bette needs to reduce her stress level in order for her body to maximize its healing. The President is a high level stressful job which is 24/7.

      Thanks for the chapter… I like this story…

    2. UK,
      Was thinking about this story . . . missing it . . . and whaalah! Here U are!!!
      Getting xcited for the return of our heart throbs in epe 9 of GenQ. God I hope the post-production edits will let these two SHINE . . .

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