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    Movement Forward

    Bette walked around the gallery slowly moving the fames of the photos. Tina had sat and framed each photo into a black frame, they had taken the final photo in the same spot in the studio as others, with Tina topless, Bette’s arms around her and Xavier covering his mother and smiling at the camera. It had captured the family happy.

    Bette took the labels she was carrying and started to name all the pictures, with the names that Tina had chosen. Today was a big deal, they were opening at Porter LA with the photos and Bette was loving being back in the gallery. She was in her true element and Tina had noticed she was sat off to one side, writing a newsletter for her website. She kept looking up over her Mac book and looked at her wife, watching as she spoke to supplies and to James. Tina took a deep breath.

    “B,” Bette was lost in making sure that one of the earliest photos taken was straight. “babe,” Tina said, this time making Bette look at her,

    “Everything okay?” Bette asked, walking over to her wife, who was using James’s desk.

    Tina smiled that her wife’s first reaction was that she was not okay.

    “I’m fine, Xavier is still sleeping,” He was in his stroller beside Tina sleeping peacefully.

    “I’m just making sure,” Bette was concerned. She knew how much Tina hated the fusing but today she seemed very calm.

    “We need to talk,” Tina said softly,

    “You want to cancel the show?”

    “Stop jumping to conclusions.” Tina laughed. Reaching out she took her wife’s hand. Tina knew her own hands were shaking.

    “What’s the matter?” Bette sat onto the desk and looked at her wife, concern etched on her face.

    “You’re going to get worry lines if you keep looking at me like that B,” Tina smiled,

    “Like what?”

    “Like the weight of the world is about to come crashing down on us, it’s not. I’m okay, but watching you today. I have realised you need to be here more,”

    “I run everything from home,”

    “I know but it’s not the same. You need to spend a couple of days a week here. You need to be back in the thick of it, talking to clients in person, charming them with that Porter charm. We both know it Bette. You need to be Bette Porter the gallery owner. Not just Bette Porter, the wife, mother and carer of someone with a mental illness. You need to be you more.”

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    1. Alice? You know people have been shot for less than what you are doing. Tina is strong enough to stand up to Alice and Bette is determined to shield Tina as best she can. I think its now restraining order time.

      Alice has got major problems….. like a moth to a flame, she about to be burned to a crisp.

      Its good that Tina wants Bette to go back to work and to some state of normalization. But I would not want Alice just showing up at the house while Tina is alone with Xavier. Tina might end up drowning Alice in the pool.

      Thanks for the update.

    2. Okay. There is absolutely no, zero, nada, reason I can think of why Bette or Tina wound ever give Alice the time of day let alone have an actual conversation. She is relentless in spewing her venom. And escalating. She is fixated on Tina and her relationship with Bette. She investigated her? That alone is enough. Verbally abusing Tina at the event? Again calling her crazy? How DID she he in. I abhor violence but Alice needs a major slap across the face. How long can Shane sit on the fence? There is no way her behavior can be tolerated or forgiven. To my mind Alice is dangerous. On another matter, they do need to make sure they have a nurse on duty when it is just Tina and Xavier. Being alone will be a change in itself. Being alone with Xavier? He has lots of issues due to his prematurity and he is infant. Under the best of circumstances all parents need help. Tina cannot have a bad day around Xavier. And what exactly does that mean? I’m sure Tina won’t know until it happens. Tina must not take on this responsibility without backup. It’s good that she is looking out for Bette. If the support staff is in place then Bette really can go back to her gallery part time. Lastly, getting back to Alice. If she catches wind that Tina is alone at the ranch….don’t leave Tina on her own. If there is ANY doubt: “What don’t want me talking about how your crazy wife left you in the middle of the night?” Alice slurred. Thrown the bum out!

    3. Wow, Alice really is asking for an ass whipping isn’t she? How can she think showing up at Bette’s gallery and causing a scene would make the situation better in any way. Obviously everyone has excused her unacceptable behavior for so long she thinks it’s ok to say and do whatever she wants. She is not a friend to either of them. Please post soon

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