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    Moving Forward

    Tina tapped her foot to the beat of the song playing as she slowly painted she was working a another piece that depicted fire. She had decide that her internet series was going to be called, Fire and Flames and each piece would contain flames or fire in some way. She now had 21 pieces complete and she number them and started the process of getting them professional framed. She wanted them to be as unique as possible.

    Bette walked into the studio carrying a bottle of water and a sandwich for her wife


    Tina turned her head at Bette’s voice and smiled.

    “Hello, babe, how is your day going?” Tina asked as she put her paint brush down and took the plate her wife was offering her. she knew her wife was working from home today

    “It’s okay, how are the paintings coming.”

    “They are coming, the framer is coming tomorrow to frame the 21 that are ready and we will start selling them.”

    “That’s good, have you numbered and signed them?”

    “Yep,” Tina smiled.

    “I wish all the artist I work with were like you?”

    “That good eh?”

    “it was good, just hard work with some of the people in the show, its always the problem with a group show one artist always things another has more space, or better lighting. You know the usual,”

    “I do,” Tina smiled, she picked up her sandwich and took a bite.

    Bette smiled at her wife, she was glad she was looking healthier. Tina was sleeping better. she also knew that time was eating well as she was making sure that Tina had three meals a day. she was also glad that Tina was painting again. doing something that was important to her.

    “How many pieces are you hoping to have for Fire and Flames?”

    “I’ve decided on 25, 21 that will get up on my website in the next few days. Then there will be four more. One for you, Shane, Alice and Kit. Your piece will be the most unique and you can’t see it till its finished. Shane, Alice’s and Kit’s will all be similar.”

    “When will we get to see them?” Bette asked, she hadn’t know what her wife was planning.

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    1. This is amazing!

      Tina is a beautiful and so talented and has a heart of gold to Paint for her friends their own Fire painting to show them her thanks for their friendship and support. And of course a special painting for her wife Bette. ❤️

      I told this more than once but i love your Bette and Tina!

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