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    Moving Forward

    Bette walked around her new space in Brick Lane, Whitechapel, London. The Place was stunning and she was glad she had flown out to see it, after weeks of planning Bette had finally got onto a plane and headed to England. It had been helped by the fact that Tina’s doctors had allowed her to have Xavier with her as much as possible, with the edition of three nurses who Tina had got to  know.

    Bette smiled as she saw the first pieces of art finally being installed to the newest gallery,

    “What do you think?” Matthew, her new managed ask,

    Bette turned to him.

    “It’s looking good, the space looks so much better now we have had the painters in.”

    “I’m glad you like it.”

    “It’ good, I love the mixture of dry wall and brick work.”

    “Any chance of us every showing your wife’s work?” Matthew asked, pushing his hands into his jeans pockets.

    “Unlikely at present,” Bette said, she always had people asking about Tina’s work. “She’s not included in the Porter Brand.”

    “She should be,” Matthew said

    Bette smiled.

    “My wife is her own woman. She was a talented artist before I married her and has her own brand and her own way of working. She will show when she is ready.” Bette turned to look at the piece that was being installed.

    “Are the rumours true?”

    “And what rumours would they be Matthew?” Bette was slowly losing her temper.

    “Word has it that she cancelled her last sale because she’s in a mental hospital.”

    Bette took a deep breath and turned back to the man she had an overwhelming urge to fire.

    “Let me make something clear, my personal life, my home life is off the table as a talking point,”

    “She is then,” Matthew said.

    “Matthew, if I was you I wouldn’t overstep the mark.”

    “I am sorry I didn’t mean too”

    “You did, your trying to push like a five year old. I will explain something too you. If you wish to work for me, you will respect me and I will respect you. At the moment I’ve got no respect for you because of how you are acting and I could replace you in an instant. Just remember that. Okay?”

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    1. Very happy that Tina, Bette and Xavier are doing well. Also glad that Tina gets to transition home. This is good! If I was Bette I would have so fired that guy. Nice chapter. Hope you stay safe and healthy. Take care!!!

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