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    Moving Forward

    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette walked into the residency she was walking slow today, she was in more pain than usual. Tina was waiting for her as she was late. It had been three weeks since her therapy had started with Tina.

    “I’m sorry I’m late,”

    “Madam President it’s fine,” Tina smiled.

    Bette felt her heart racing. She made herself comfortable on the sofa and let her cane drop beside her. she released she didn’t have a drink, she moved to get up again.

    “Are you okay?”

    “I need some water for my medication,” Bette said softly.

    “Stay there I will get it,”

    “It’s not…”

    “Please, let me,” Tina got up and went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water for the President before passing it to her.

    “Thank you, you really didn’t have too,” Bette said.

    “I did, how has your day been?”

    “Busy, I’ve been in the Sit room for most of it,”

    Tina nodded knowing she couldn’t ask why.

    “Are you ready for this?”

    “As ready as I can be,” Bette replied.

    Tina nodded. She opened her iPad and Bette’s folder. She put her password in and open the document.

    “Okay, tell me about your injuries?”

    “How will that help me?”

    “Please, just tell me,” Tina said sternly.

    Bette wanted to laugh the only other people who spoke to her in this way was Kit and James. Bette didn’t understand how the hell this was supposed to help and frankly she’d had a crap day and didn’t want this but she knew if she didn’t carry on there was a chance the party would say she was unfit for office and try and remove her. she took a deep breath,

    “I’ve got damage to my spine and legs.” She said.

    “Tell about being in hospital?” Tina was changing tacked knowing that Bette wasn’t as willing to talk.

    “I woke up and Kit told me my wife was dead. I blamed myself. I was in pain. I wouldn’t take the pain medication until I’d signed my powers legally over to the VP.” Bette was cold, her voice was cold. “I didn’t understand what was happening. I was then told that I’d need surgery on my spine as their were nuts and bolts from the bomb in my spine. There still are. They couldn’t remove them all. I was told at one point I might never walk again. I’m lucky I do now. I’m scarred for life. My wife is dead and I’m lucky I can walk, does that answer you questions?” Bette bit out. she rubbed her forehead.

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    1. I love all your stories short or along, unlike other readers I like short stories with regular updates.
      But I have a question for u why in most of your stories either Bette or Tina have a painful past.
      Thank you and have a great weekend.

    2. Hi UKendeavour,

      I had finally the time to read this new story and it’s wonderful written and i really appreciate the effort you always take to write. Long or short chapters i don’t care as long you will share your wonderful gift with us, the talent for writing stories!

      Sorry to hear you struggled with a writers block and your mental health. I hope you feel better now and know that if you want to talk you can reach out to me in private. Please take care of yourself!

    3. Gr8 chapter! It Flowed nicely. Will be interesting to see how much of the physical relationship Bette will have to surrender to Tina seeing how she has much rehab & recovery ahead..

      Actually, she’ll probably will need to let Tina help her as a friend with the PTSD, even though she’s not “officially” her doctor.

      Wonder how hot Tina will dress for their 1st dinner date!

    4. Hi UKendeavour,

      I like this story and all your other stories too. Please don’t take into heart those ill comments. Just follow your pace as you like. Do take care of yourself. Stay positive and be safe. I’ll wait patiently for your new post.

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