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    Moving Forward

    Three Months Since the Shooting


    Tina had refused to go back to Bette’s house after the shooting, the moment she had arrived their she’d had a panic attack and Bette had known that they couldn’t be there. They had rented a house until the house on Tina’s land was finished, which a couple of days ago it had been. They had paid the best team to put their dream home together. They had designed it together while Tina was recovering, it had been their way of bonding.

    Bette had paid for her house to be packed up including all the art work and paints that were in the studio, she had decided she wanted to sell the house, since seeing Claire shot herself in the driveway she didn’t want to be there.

    Today they were moving into the house and Shane, Alice, Dana, Helena and Kit had come to help them move in, They had spent a lot of money on the house as well as the studio that had been built for Tina.

    Bette was setting up her new home office in a room on the first floor, that was closed off from the rest of the downstairs area, it overlooked the steam that ran down the bottom of garden area, she was setting her Mac up when Kit walked in,

    “The girls are trying to order take out,”

    “I’m sure somewhere delievers out here,”

    “They don’t,” Kit smiled, “Shane and Helena have gone to find food.”

    “We’re only twenty minutes out of LA, there must be somewhere,”

    “They will find somewhere.” Kit smiled watching her sister,

    “Where is Tina?”

    “She’s unpacking her studio,” Kit smiled. “I think there are too many people here,”

    “she’s quieter than normal. she has been since Claire died.”

    “She relaxes the moment you are near her.” Kit smiled at her sister. “She loves you.”

    “I love her Kit, so fucking much, watching her going through this is so hard, I mean we were sat with Dan yesterday and she didn’t say anything for an hour. She couldn’t form the words. He is there to help us both but she couldn’t cope with her emotions. He is being great,”

    “Of course he is, even if you sat in silence he gets paid,”

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    1. Tina is definitely in need of counseling. She needs to be able to release her anxiety and learn to cope with it. Bette will be a big help to her. Perhaps if Tina had her counseling alone for a few sessions? Even though she loves and trust Bette, she still may be in fear that something she has to say will run Bette off. Until, she has more time with Bette and becomes more open with her, then she needs a sounding board without an emotional interest. And the sooner she gets counseling, the faster she will recover.

      I really like this story. I want to see more conversations between Bette and Tina. I want to see Tina open up to Bette on who she is. Wow, I can’t believe that the house was completed so quickly. Every house know of which was built from the ground up took almost a year, but this one took three months.

      Thank you for another episode. Look forward to more.

    2. Great story!

      I hope that Tina will be able to talk to Dan, maybe separete from Bette.

      Let see how Bette will cope, no food being delivered must be a shock for her. But i have faith she will adjust just fine in this new house with Tina.

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