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    My Greatest Investment—Chapter 4

    Bette’s POV

    I’m sitting here staring at Tina speechless.  This woman I just met a few days ago is willing to be exclusive with me just so I won’t be with anyone else but her and is willing to pay me to do it.  God this is so morally wrong on so many levels because I don’t want her money.  It’s never been about the money with her.  But I can’t give up the money I make.  Not when I am still trying to provide for my siblings.  It’s all I have ever known and all that’s driven me.  I have never done anything for myself and I want Tina…All of her..I’m conflicted about this but I don’t want to lose her.

    “Tina….I..uh…I..wasn’t expecting this…Are you sure you want to do this?”

    She nods without hesitation and it scares me that I can’t do the same.  Maybe it’s because for the first time ever… heart is trying to be involved

    “Bette…I like being with you…I feel alive when I’m around you…I want to get to know you….I feel something for you I haven’t felt with anyone else before and I don’t want to lose that…You managed to shine a little light into my dark and lonely world and I just want to experience more of it.  And as far as intimacy..Well you know I’m obviously attracted to you…I mean I think the feeling is pretty mutual as well” she says chuckling..And she is right I can’t deny that….she continues “…..but this isn’t about just sex to me…we just take things slow…Let things build…see where it goes…if we both agree that is…all the while you are being paid to by my sugar baby…”

    I can’t help but smile at her…She is being so disgustingly adorable now.

    “Well you do make a compelling point…It’s just that I have never been in this situation.  And I guess for the first time ever I feel guilty being paid to be with someone.. And you are more than just a client to me Tina” I look away when I say this because damn I’m so uncharacteristically vulnerable right now

    “Hey Bette..Please look at me” she says in such a caring tone and I do as I am asked   “You are worth it to me..And besides…this is mutually beneficial for both of us don’t you think?..I mean we want to spend time with each other and you still want to help your family..I can’t think of any better arrangement.  And I get you all to myself…So Bette Porter..I will ask you again…Will you be my exclusive sugar baby?”

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