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    The Private Residence of Tina Kennard

    Kenter Ranch

    Duke’s Avenue

    Outside of West Sunbury




    Tina sat on her decking looking out in the woodland behind her house, she was listening to the sounds of nature as she took in the last couple of weeks. Her life was changing all the time. Three weeks ago she had taken the plunge and gone to see Bette and it had been the best choice she had every made. They talked every day and were starting to become closer than ever. they had tried to iron out as much as they could. Bette had been in England for the last week, returning yesterday and Tina hadn’t seen her since the weekend they had spent together.

    Tina felt at ease on her land. This was the house she had built from the profits of her books. She had managed to build her dream home, with top security to keep her safe. It was only recently that she saw that the security and the fences were really to keep the world out. She liked being alone sometimes, yet recently her mind was more and more on Bette. she missed her. Missed her touch. Missed her smell. Being with her again had made her remember the good times and the bad times gently faded away.

    Tina picked up her glass of wine as her phone started to ring she looked at it and smiled when Bette’s name appeared on the screen.

    “Hello,” Tina said answering the phone.

    “Hi Babe, any chance you’re at home.”

    “I don’t go anywhere B as we’ve discovered so yes I’m at home.”

    “Any chance you can open the gate and let my cars in please.”

    “What?” Iina put her glass of wine down and moved. She went to the security screen and saw four cars waiting outside the gates. She press the button to open the gates before she put the phone down, talking through her house she opened the front door and watched as the cars came up the long driveway. She knew that three of the cars were Bette’s detail. Bette’s car stopped and Bette got out. She looked at Tina. Smiling.

    Something inside Tina broke and she ran down the steps and threw herself at Bette holding her. Suddenly Tina found herself crying. She had never thought Bette would come here, even after a member of the team had come to look at the place to make sure they could keep Bette’s safe here.

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    1. This is such a cool vibe story. Both ladies really giving healing the past and staying in the present with heartfelt words and actions.

      The plot of one of them being the President and really imaging how doe one ACTULLY have a “life” away from the prying eyes of paparazzi and hater both in the flesh and on social media. And that doesnt even include the necessary Secret Service security demands.

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