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    News (Chapter 100)

    “I will try, I’m spending less and less time at the gallery anyway,”

    “She’s got a manager in place,” Tina said,

    “Good,” Dr Wilson smiled. “Do things to relax, keep your levels even and you will have a good pregnancy,”

    “I’m also guessing regular check-ups,”

    “You would be guessing correctly,” Dr Wilson said. “I’m sure your wife will care for you.”

    “I’m sure she will,”

    Bette looked over and Tina and smiled, Tina was checking on their sleeping one year old.

    “I will,” Tina grinned,

    Dr Wilson helped Bette up, before getting them some leaflets,

    “Bette’s ordered a number of books,” Tina remarked as she took the leaflets,

    “I hope one of them is a cook book,”

    “No,” Bette said slowly, “But I will get one do you recommend one?”

    Dr Wilson give them three or four to choose from, Bette wrote them into her notes on her phone. They made their next appointment and left.




    Bette sat relaxing on the sofa, her iPad on her lap, she was playing a mindless game. Tina walked down the stairs she’d been for a shower and her hair was pulled back she was wearing just a robe, as the house was hot.

    “You okay babe?” Tina asked as she headed towards the kitchen,


    “Would you like a drink”?

    “Water would be good, I’m sure the aircon isn’t working right,”

    “I will call the company tomorrow,”  Tina remarked,

    “You’re took hot,”

    “I’ve just had a cold shower,” Tina said walking over with two bottles of water, Bette looked up at her wife and grinned. She licked her lips seeing her wife in a very short robe and knew at once she wasn’t wearing anything under it.

    Tina passed her wife a bottle of water. Cocking her head to one side when she saw her wife staring at her.

    “See something you like?”

    “Yes, my wife,” Bette replied, “if I wasn’t so tired I would have my way with you,”

    Tina smiled

    “It gets easier the first few weeks your energy wont’ be the same as normal,”

    “Yeah I just read about that. We have to wait to till after about three months for me to feel more human. I’m completely shocked.

    “That your pregnant?” Tina asked as she sat down next to her wife, curling her legs under her.

    Bette licked her lips at her wife’s pale legs.

    “Yeah, It’s going to be tough, more so if you and I have a bad day on the same day,”

    “My bad days are less and less you know it.” Tina smiled. “I’m sure we can get through this together. Plus I’m sure Kit and the gang will help,”

    “I’m sure they will,” Bette put her water and iPad down and turned her body more towards her wife. Running her fingers along the arm that Tina had on the back of the sofa.

    “I love you,” Tina smiled as she spoke

    “I love you,” Bette grinned. She moved forward and kissed her wife.

    They pulled away and grinned at each other.

    “What you grinning at?” Bette asked

    “I got my wife pregnant.” Tina said smugly.

    Bette started laughing, she couldn’t help it. Her wife looked so proud that she herself. Bette wanted to enjoy this,

    “Tomorrow babe, let’s take the first photograph,”  Bette said.

    “You sure want to do this?” Tina asked playing with Bette’s wedding ring

    “Yes, I’ve got the perfect pair of jeans,”

    Bette grinned and Tina took in her wife,

    “I can’t wait to see the changes in your body. I promise I’m going to look after you as best I can,”

    “I know you will,” Bette replied softly. “We are in all of this together.”

    “That we are,”

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      • Always thought that was a bad scene – Bette should have taken the damn drink to Tina!!!

        Screw Tim – he had too big of a story line in OG anyway. Who cared about him?

        Crazy IC!!!!

        • Curious – how do you know Bette didn’t take the drink to Tina? Maybe Bette got one for herself? Maybe Tina fell asleep? Bette returning with the slurpee was never shown but I never once considered that Bette kept the drink for herself so I am curious how you both reached this conclusion? I always just assumed she had her own. She doesn’t seem the type to say that she would go get Tina a treat and them consume it herself. I am genuinely surprised.

        • I don’t know, i always thought that this scene was perfect example of Bette – she always was so self-absorbed that she could completely forgot for whom she bought that Slupree. I’m not surpriced at all.

          • Zhenya, once again your personal bias against Bette is showing. You seem to love to go back decades and recycle your grievances. How about we focus on the Bette and Tina in this story? Bette has been a saint. I’m sure that troubles you a great deal because you can’t possibly find one fault. You diminish and devalue UK’s story with your brow beating of Bette. The Bette in this story has literally given everything possible to Tina. Everything. And why? Because she loves Tina beyond measure. Why you have chosen to render such a beautiful event as pregnancy into a rant about Bette and slurpees is astonishing. If Bette has a mood swing or a bad day or needs anything during her pregnancy she will be viewed by you as selfish and typical Bette. Hopefully she can go off into the desert and give birth without inconveniencing Tina. Sadly, even that would not be enough. Your view of Bette defies logic. But actually it doesn’t. You judged Bette from the jump. She is evil in your eyes and must be attacked at every possible turn. You cannot be a Tibette fan. Well, only for those stories that feed your nonstop I hate Bette narrative. Bette and the slurpee? That’s digging pretty deep for criticism. BK is exactly right. It’s a Rorschach test. You see what you choose to see.

            • Sorry, Billy, if i made not quite understanding for you (i thought when i’m not answering on your few previous comments to me you can guess, but obviously i’m wrong) – absolutely not interesting in your Bette’s defending ranting.
              So, let’s just ignore each other – ok? Thank you, bye!

    1. Wow…amazingly lucky these two….. only one try and bingo… they are pregnant…. What happened to Tina’s photos?
      Are they like in an album on the coffee table? She was going to sell them about the time she had her break down, but I think she pulled them off the market. So she now will have a set of Bette photo’s. Does she plan to sell those?

      Seems rather personal to sell images of something as personal as semi-nude photos made during pregnancy. Talk about getting some public attention…. that would do it and not necessarily for the sake of acquiring art.

      thanks for the chapter.

    2. A new baby is on the way ♥️

      It will be though sometimes but i have faith everything will work out. Tina is more stabelized on her medication but she must take care of herself and try to minimize extra stress.

      And yes, give Bette a lot of slurpees!

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