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    Night at home

    Tina slowly put Xavier to bed and kissed the top of his head. Watching him for a moment. She just took in her son, enjoying a moment with him. She kissed him again and left the room. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen, she knew that Bette was on her was back from her gallery. She had decided that tonight she wanted some alone time with her wife. Just to help Bette relax. Tina had been talking to her doctor and she’d advised that she needed to do more for Bette.

    Tina had had a long think. She didn’t want her wife to leave her. The last thing she wanted to was to lose Bette. She knew it was possible. Her life had changed so much. In four years, she’d become a wife, a mother, a successful artist and it had all started when she had meet Bette. James had asked her to come and see her work and that had started a rolling forward of success.

    Tina moved around the kitchen preparing a meal for her andBette, she wanted to show. After doing a lot of thinking today she had decided she needed to do more for her wife. The thought of losing her wife was scaring her. She knew she was very wrapped up in herself and she knew she had to give more time to Bette.

    Tina put together a lovely meal, and was laying the table when Bette walked in, she was removing her jacket and walking towards her wife,

    ​“Something smells amazing,” Bette remarked as she walked over and kissed Tina hello, “Hey Ti,”

    ​“Hey, I would love to say it’s me but it’s the food that smells that good,” Tina smiled as she turned and passed her wife a glass of wine,

    ​“Are you trying to wine and dine me Ti?”

    ​“No, well yes. But I’m also trying to show you how much I love you and can look after you.”

    ​“I don’t need you to look after me,” Bette smiled softly.

    ​“No, I know, you’re very strong and loving and everything I’ve ever wanted but I do think we need to have some Bette time in this house.”

    ​“I thought…”

    Tina gently put her finger on her wife’s lips.

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    1. Yes…. this is the kind of night that Bette and Tina need…time together…time to be couple. But Tina needs to allow Bette to work with her in doing the chores, the dinner prep, the cleanup etc. This is time of being together and doing something together and can have the simple catch on their day to day lives while the time in the tub can be more personal and intimate and just them….

      It’s nice to have a time when your partner pampers you and does something special for you…but you in turn need to do the same for them…. Bette and Tina are good at this. But it is also good to pick a project or chore that you literally work together on – preparing dinner, cleaning out the garage, doing a little gardening…and when it’s done, you celebrate its completion with a nice meal or a hot bath or play time with your son…

      And I believe this is far more beneficial to Bette and to Tina then Bette going to a club with friends to drink once a month.

      Thanks for the chapter….

    2. Tina needs to find a balance. If she does nice things out of fear Bette will leave her then she does not have true faith in their marriage. She needs to let Bette in. Give Bette an art lesson. Bette is so interested in her art. Tina is so private about it. Paint or sketch Xavier or the landscape of the ranch together. What a way to connect with your wife, Tina. Bette seems a little lost to me. She loves Tina and Xavier so much. I think given all they have been through just some normalcy like Martha mentions would do wonders for Bette. For both of them. And yes, stop going to the club!!! Alice knows you were there for sure.

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