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    Nine (Tina’s Statment)

    Official Statement

    From Presidential Nominee Tina Kennard.

    Written by Dr. Tina Kennard BA (Hons.), MA, PhD

    Full publication from


    Seven years ago my life changed in a very dramatic way.

    I went to LA to become a three week guest lecturer at UCLA during recess of the house. I enjoy teaching and it makes me happy that I’ve been able to go back to it when I wasn’t helping shape the laws of the land.

    I was giving a class about female history when the lecture theatre I was using was stormed by four terrorist. They wanted me, not my class. They wanted to make an example of me. The men that stormed my class were active members of the deeply Christian group, Action For A Better America. The group believes that my homosexuality is against God and is infecting America.

    Some of my glass managed to escape and what I didn’t know at the time was there were more of the group outside of the room stopping people from getting to us. twenty students witness me being held at gun point.

    I was put onto the stage at the front of the glass, I was made to strip and kneel. They preached at I need to let my blood to become pure again.

    One of the men pointed a gun to my head, another stood behind me with a knife, dagger sort of thing. As he preached he sliced my back, my legs and my ass. I can’t remember everything he said but I know he was preaching that my sexuality was ruining the world and I shouldn’t be allowed to stand for office. I wasn’t to be allowed to run for office. I wasn’t allowed to be married.

    I think they were also angry that the woman I had chose was also bi-racial. He made comments about my wife, who at the time I wasn’t even with because we were still coming together after ‘the affair’

    I passed out from the pain, I remember laying face down in my own blood, I could hear yelling in the distance and the main smell was my own blood. I thought I was going to die.

    I don’t remember the recuse operation. I don’t remember the police storming the building, I only know what was told in court. I know I was found and rushed to the ER, I had emergency surgery, I had over 100 stiches in my back.

    My saving grace in all of this was my wife Bette Porter. I woke up in hospital four days after the recuse. Bette was beside me. She was still down as my next of kin and she had arrived before my surgery and had refused to leave me.

    Bette saved my life. she loves me like I love her. Without her love I wouldn’t have been able to get through what happened.

    I am mentally and physically scared. I’ve had nightmares which are still happening after all these years and I’m never going to truly get over what happened.

    I am witness A in UCLA Terror Attack case. I’m the person who stood in court and made sure that the men who used violence against me were sent to prison. But they only got ten years. Because there is no act or bill at a federal level that covers all Hate Crimes, you should not be judged for who you love, the colour of your skin, the life you choose to live.

    A policy I want to add to my running campaign is to make that happen. Hate crimes should be treated as that crimes of hate and should carry a sentence that reflects the violence and hate that was used.

    I want to do this for anyone who has been judged because of who they are.

    I am safe now, I have a wonderful security team and a great team behind me making sure that on a daily bases that no one can get to me who shouldn’t.

    I still get scared. I still have moments of complete and utter terror.

    But they cannot and will not win.

    I hope you will join me and vote for me in November to become the next President of this great land and that I will be able to start enacting laws that can save peoples lives.

    Thank you

    Tina Kennard.


    1. It was good statement. But i’m not sure about this part – “I still get scared” – not sure that admitting that she still not fully recovered from this assault could help her to win election

    2. Zhenya, I think we all get scared…fear that you admit is fear that has less control over your life! Denying this happened or that it doesn’t impact her life would be viewed as a lie and possibly she is hiding how much it does impact her. This is only my feelings about her statement. If she was running for off in today’s election I think her honesty on this issue would have a great influence on my vote!

      UKendeavour, thanks for this story! I am looking forward to each post on Lesfan. It is helping take some of the anxiety that is going on in all of our lives! PPS. Thank you

    3. Great Letter….

      What field is Tina’s Phd in? Is she in the legal field? Oh and where did she get her degrees.?

      I love that Tina credits Bette with saving her life. I’m sure she means with her support and love.

      Can’t wait for more…

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