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    No Good For You

    “What if I don’t know?” Bette whispered back, a tear rolling down her cheek once more.

    Tina smiled sadly, “I think… I think we are in too deep too fast.”

    Bette furrowed her brows at the statement, “what do you mean?”

    “I mean,” Tina said, brushing away the stray tear once more. “I don’t want my heart or your heart to hurt in two weeks. I don’t want us walking on eggshells until next month when you come back into town. I don’t want us to wonder when the next time we’ll see each other is.”

    Bette stared blankly at the blonde in front of her. “What are you saying?”

    “I’m saying,” Tina smiled softly, her owns tears forming in her eyes and making their way down her cheeks, “maybe tonight should be it.”

    Bette swallowed hard, her heart feeling like it was being ripped apart, “please don’t do this,” she whispered as she tried to swallow the sob from erupting in her throat.

    “I’m trying to do what’s best,” Tina whispered, tears falling down her now red cheeks. “I mean look at us now- it’s Monday and we met on Saturday… two days, Bette. What are we going to be like in 2 weeks?”

    Bette felt her throat begin to constrict-


    Bette leaned forward and grabbed a hold of Tina’s head, smashing their lips together in a heated kiss.

    This kiss tasted of salt as both of their tears mixed together. Moaning softly, Bette gently pushed Tina to lay back on the ground as she laid on top of her.

    Feeling the weight of the brunette, Tina groaned in pleasure- intertwining their legs together as her hand ran up the back of Bette’s top- feeling the tight tan skin on her fingertips.

    Hissing as the blonde’s nails dug into her back, Bette moved her lips down to Tina’s neck- sucking at the vanilla and rose flavored skin.

    “Bette,” Tina whispered breathlessly, she leaned forward and sucked Bette’s earlobe in her mouth, nibbling and licking simultaneously.

    “Fuck…” Bette groaned loudly as she pressed her lower covered body into Tina’s, grinding their centers together.

    Tina grabbed a hold of Bette’s face as she wiped away more tears that escaped from the brunette’s eyes. Kissing her gently, she let her nails slowly circle around Bette’s back- creating goosebumps.

    “Tina,” Bette whispered as she kissed the blonde’s tears that were escaping her eyes.

    “Come here,” Tina whispered back against the brunette’s lips.

    Pushing herself forward, Bette collapsed into the side of Tina- their legs intertwining as they rested their heads next to each other.

    Bette looked into the golden hazel eyes- watching them slowly morph back into a green, “Please say I can see you again…” she whispered, feeling her eyes start to get heavy.

    Tina leaned forward, tears stinging her eyes, “I’m not good for you, Bette,” she softly spoke in the brunette’s ear. “Really.”

    Bette shook her head, hiding her face in the crook of Tina’s neck. “Don’t say that.”

    Tina sighed as she felt Bette’s grip on her tighten, “you have no idea…” she whispered as she soon felt steady breaths against her neck.

    Realizing the brunette had fallen asleep due to the emotional exhaustion, she swallowed hard, kissing the top of Bette’s head.

    “Please…please don’t fall for me more than you have,” Tina whispered into the still air.

    Bette sighed, snuggling deeper into the warmth of the blonde, falling into a deeper sleep.

    Tina looked up at the stars that now filled the sky.

    “You deserve everything that I can’t give you…”




    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      So Tina being with one woman during 14 years and still not sure if she lesbian?

      And second – will be Bette one of two for Tina’s sacriface?

      • Hey Zhenya,

        I think you can be in a relationship with anyone and still keep your sexual identity the same. I didn’t want to necessarily label Tina as a lesbian, but she definitely has an attraction towards women.

        I don’t know how Tina would necessarily deal with Bette being a part of the sacrifice… I think she likes her a bit too much for that ;)

        Thanks for commenting!

    2. interesting oh these ties that bind, so the Peg’ster…at the top of the chain. how very interesting. and does she have “plans” for bette when she is made aware of her feelings for tina? makes one wonder what the LA connection is with New Orleans….aside from bette.

      how easily the dots are connecting together. again begs the question, “WHO” will sacrifice themselves for love? will tina give up her powers for bette, will it be revealed bette is the true holder of all power, of course not known to herself. this story has so many angles and possibilities. WELL PLAYED!

      thank you again for sharing another interesting journey. liking the Fiona./Jessica Lange ego storyline.

      • Oh, I just had to include Fiona into this story as Tina’s mother. Jessica Lange absolutely murdered that role.

        There are so many possibilities and pathways this story can go down and I honestly don’t know which way I’m going to take it, but oh-I have so many ideas.

        I knew I had to make Peggy have powers as well- as long as she is still Helena’s mother. It would only make sense that powers were passed on!

        Thank you for always commenting on this story. I’m glad that you enjoy it as much as I love writing it!

    3. Interesting chapter, thank you!

      So, Tina wants new witch in coven? And second – Tina and Fiona needs to erase memory not only two cops, but and a witnesses too.
      Waiting for next!

      • Hey Angel,

        The more powerful witches in the coven- the stronger the coven is!

        We’ll have to see where that path lies- not everything is finished with Madison’s problem :)

        Thanks for commenting!

    4. Love the story. Ok they seam to fall fast in two days. Hum.. just wondering if whom ever the evil one is in LA could have set this all in motion to distract Tina. So many connections. Bette is not forth coming with info of life in LA.. seems more than just a player and the story of why her and Helena split.. seem to easy. Helena doesn’t seem evil and truly loves Tina.. seems some one is play puppeteer behinds the scenes. Lol just my mind running it does that a lot. Which ever path you choose i will be excited to read it. Thank you

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