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    No more secrets

    Shane leaves to go run her errands and to pick up Quiara then to take Angie to do her driving test. Tina goes to the kitchen to heat water for tea. On her way, she passes the study where Bette’s PR Manager Dani and Campaign Manager Pierce are dealing with the fall-out of Bette’s latest scandal. But it’s the tension between the two of them that caught her attention.

    Realizing that she’s eavesdropping Tina continues to the kitchen to make the tea. A few minutes later she hears the back-door slam. She wasn’t sure who left, but it surprised her that either of them would leave when Bette needed her entire team to get through this latest fiasco. Anyway, that wasn’t any of her business. She wasn’t about to get involved in the politics; her main purpose in being there was to make sure Angie and Bette were safe.

    Bette was right, they were very lucky that things had not escalated more violently than yelling disparaging comments and shoving; even though that was bad enough. Tina had seen several streaming snippets on social media of the altercation some of which had been edited out of context. Film-making was her profession and she could spot fake, altered content with the naked eye.

    It never ceased to amaze her how crowds of people witnessing someone in pain could just stand around taking cellphone video of the tragedy rather than offering or calling for help. Then to add insult to injury doctor the video to be more or less damaging depending on what side they were on. It was part of the reason guilt or innocence was tried in the court of public opinion based on fiction rather than legally based on fact.


    Tina placed the hot water, teacups and selected decaffeinated herbal teas on a tray and took it into the bedroom. The herbal tea and Tina’s presence were enough to calm Bette’s fears and deterred her doing anything impulsive. After about thirty-minutes Dani knocked on the bedroom door and informed Bette that Pierce had left.

    Tina excused herself while Bette and Dani talked. She went to the guest room to freshen-up and change out of her travel clothes. She’d hastily packed a bag and took the first flight out from Vancouver that morning and came straight to the house from the airport.

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    1. Great story and good talk between Bette and Tina!

      I am a little worried about Tina’s life changing decisions of her own to make. I really hope you will not go the same route as GenQ. 🙏🙏🙏

    2. Thank you for the update!

      Interesting, am i only one who find decision in TLWGQ made Angie also gay so boring? Why i think it’s boring – because it’s like cliche – child of gay parents necessarily needs to be gay too.

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