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    Nothings Fair

    17 Years Early.


    Bette Porter sat on the end of the bed, the house felt completely empty. The woman she had spent the last seven and a half years with had left. it was her fault. She had crossed a line that was not meant to be crossed. She’d let a weaker side of her lose and it had destroyed her and her relationship. Tina had known at once, Bette knew that. She’d have seen it. When she’d got home from the opening, Tina had been sat there, her face showing the pain and hurt. Bette had felt her heart drop, she watched as her world feel apart. Tina had hit her, fought her. They fucked. It wasn’t sex, it wasn’t love making it was raw angry need. She’d never had sex like it. As soon as it was over Tina had left her hold her for a few seconds before she hot up, locked herself in the bathroom.

    Bette had listened to Tina’s tears from the other side of the door and she knew that she had caused it. Silent tears had ran down her own face. She’d listened as Tina had showered. She moved away from the door not wanting to crowd her. she’d sat back on the end of the bed. Her head down. Her mind lost. She still didn’t understand why she had done this. why she lost her way so completely. She got up and walked into the large kitchen, turning the kettle on. she was hoping that her and Tina could talk. Work this out. she didn’t want to lose her. Tina was/is the love of her life and the las thing she wanted so for her to leave.

    Yet Bette knew she wouldn’t blame her if Tina didn’t talk to her. Tina’s rage had frighten her. she’d never seen her like that. It was a passionate rage. Bette listened to the kettle boiling. Once it was ready she poured her and Tina a cup of tea and walked back into the bedroom.

    Something was wrong.

    Bette put the drinks down and looked at the bathroom door it was open,

    “Tina,” She called out her girlfriends name. There was no sign of Tina.

    She opened Tina’s closet, a bag and some of her clothes were gone. Bette ran out the doors that lead to the backyard, she heard Tina’s car. She ran through the side gate as the car drove away.

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