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    Nothings Fair

    “TIINNNNAAAA,” She screamed, but the car didn’t stop, it disappeared into the night.

    Shane heard Bette screaming and came out of the house.


    Bette turned to her friend tears streaming down her face.

    “What’s going on?”

    “I’ve fucked up Shane, I’ve utterly and completely fucked up,”  Bette ran back into the house, she need to call Tina’s cell, she rang it. It rang in the house. “Fuck.”

    “What’s going on?” Shane asked coming in and seeing that Bette was near breaking point.

    “I did the worst thing Shane, I’ve made the being mistake of my life and I need to find Tina,”

    “What are you rambling about?” Shane asked.

    “I cheated,”

    “You did what?”

    “I cheated, Tina found out and she’s gone. I’ve got to find her.” Bette was losing it now.

    “Phone her cell,”

    “I did, it’s in the living room,” Bette pointed to the phone.

    “Call Alice she may have gone to Alice’s?”

    “Yeah true,” Alice’s house was about ten minutes from them on, and traffic was clear. Alice answered her cell on the second right. “Alice, is Tina with you?”

    “No, why should she be?”

    “Oh fuck Alice where is she?”

    “I don’t understand,”

    “I don’t have to explain,” Bette said, handing the phone to Shane as she went to look through everything. She had to find Tina. She could hear Shane explaining what she knew. She knew her friends would hate her but not as much as she hated herself right now. Tina had fled. She’d done that. She’d made Tina leave. She had betrayed her. she’d done the unthinkable. Bette felt lost. She wanted her girlfriend back, she wanted to make it right. But right now she didn’t even know where Tina was.

    Shane came to her,

    “We are all going to go look for her,”

    “We don’t know where she is Shane, why did I have to fuck this up so badly?”

    “We all make mistakes,”

    “Yeah but this one could mean I’ve lost the love of my life.”


    Present Day


    Tina walked into her Penthouse, New York apartment, she threw her keys onto the counter and opened the doors onto her rooftop garden to let the last of the evening sunshine fill her house. She took of her jacket. Throwing it onto the sofa before she went into the kitchen turning on the coffee machine. 17 years and a lot had changed she was older, she lived alone, she had done now for 17 years. She’d ran away. Instead of facing everything. As time had passed it became harder and harder to go back so she chose not to. She’d left her life in LA and come to New York. She opened a quiet book store with her savings and now ran a book store with a café attached. It had become her life’s work. yet she was lonely. Her thoughts regularly returned to her life in LA, her friends, who she missed greatly, yet most of all she thought of Bette. The love of her life, a woman who still held her heart. She often wondered what had come of her, yet she’d been to scared to find out. Also after all this time she mainly felt like she didn’t have the right to drop into her life that way.

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