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    Nothings Fair




    Bette finished with the customer, having made a sale, for a piece which frankly she thought was poor but it had made her money so she really didn’t care. She looked around, the gallery wasn’t as busy as it had been earlier in the day. A set of the painting were by a famous artist and as news had got out that their opening had the pieces a lot of people had been in to see it. Bette looked around and then she saw her.

    It couldn’t be.

    Bette felt like a train had hit her. There at the far end of her gallery was Tina Kennard. She hadn’t see her since that night, the night her life had changed forever. She took her in. she looked amazing in a bright shirt, leather pants and boots that looked well worn in. Her hair was a little longer, and tinted differently. Bette stood off to one side, she could see the faint lines that now covered her face. Age was catching up with them both.

    Bette slowly walked over to her, she could smell her perfume. Tina still had the same perfume. Bette took it in. Bette took a deep breath,

    “Hi, can I help?” Bette’s voice was smooth and she heard the intake of breath from Tina.

    Tina turned and looked into the dark eyes of the only person she’d ever loved. She bit her lip. Her heart was racing now. she blinked a number of time.

    “Bette,” Tina whispered. She was finding it hard to find her voice.

    “Hello Tina,” Bette said, ever the professional, yet deep down she didn’t know what was happening.

    Tina couldn’t find her voice again. She felt tears, she could feel her composure failing. Up close Bette looks stunning. She still perfect after all these years. Tina’s heart was racing now.

    “Erm, I’m sorry I should go,” Tina couldn’t do this. she couldn’t drag up feeling that she’d managed to hold down for seventeen years. she managed to stay away. She walked away, managing to get to the street. She took a deep breath, taking in the city air.

    Bette followed her, she wasn’t letting her slip away again.

    “Tina, please,” Bette said,

    Tina turned and looked at her.

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