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    Kennard General Practice

    1478 Corner Avenue

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Tina sat at her desk, for once she was doing the paperwork at her practice, as she’d had to come in to sort out some patient records. She looked up as the door opened and Jack, one of her detail came in.

    “Helena Peabody is here?”

    “Erm does she have an appointment?”

    “No, she wants to speak to you,”

    “To me? How did she know I was here?”

    “I’m not sure?” Jack admitted.

    “Okay, erm I can give her five minutes before I’m going back to the White House, can Joshua stay outside the door please”

    “Sure, I’ll get the car ready,”

    “Thank you Jack,” Tina said smiling.

    She finished the last report as the door opened and Tina looked up seeing Helena Peabody in the doorway.

    “Dr Kennard,”

    “Ms Peabody,”

    “You can call me Helena,”

    “Thanks, I think.” Tina said slowly. “How did you know I was here?”

    “I happened to call and your receptionist said you were here.”

    “Why would you be looking for me?” Tina asked,

    “I would like to talk to you,”


    “How amazingly sexy you are,” Helena said softly.

    Tina looked at her raising her eyebrow. She felt uncomfortable. She knew full well who Helena was and what she had done to Bette.

    “I think you’re crossing a line I’d rather you didn’t cross.”  Tina was getting defensive.

    “I can’t comment that you’re an attractive woman,” Helena said with laughter in her voice.

    “You’ve put a lot of work into telling me, but you know I’m taken.” Tina looked at Helena, she just wanted to go home.

    “That doesn’t usual stop me,”

    “It stops me, I believe loyalty is important. I’m a one woman, woman.”

    “Even to woman who cannot love you the way I can,”

    “You have no idea how Bette loves me,” Tina said as she started to clear away her paperwork. She didn’t want to leave it all for her PA.

    “I could give you everything,”

    “I think you are reading me wrong,” Tina said softly

    “What do you mean?”

    “I’m not Vicotria Johnson, You can’t flutter your eyes and I’ll jump into bed with you. You are reading me completely wrong. I love Bette, with her flaws and all. She’s my everything. I don’t need anyone or anything else. I’m not interested,”

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    1. Tina needs to REMAIN very vigilant bc Heleana Fckng Peabody will try to get her in a compromising situation. ESPECIALLY if she slivers her way into an audience where Bette is.

      Camera/video capture is everywhere Tina!!

    2. Helena is such a sexual predator or Victoria was a slut. I can’t decide which. How does Bette’s detail keep letting these people so close to her and Tina? Helena will be trouble for sure. Tina has to be vigil of any effort by others to sabotage their relationship. The former First Lady was a real detriment to the POTUS. Bette has to step up disabilities or not. PPS

    3. Helena Fucking Peabody, god i hate that woman. Because she is rich and got Victoria in bed she thinks Tina will run to her? She is delusional if she think Tina would want her.

      Tina be careful because she will try everything!

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