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    Old Friendship

    Tina rested her head against the wall of the shower as the hot water ran over her body. She had woken early after a couple of strange dreams and she was now trying to clear her head. It wasn’t really working. She heard the door of the shower open and close but she didn’t move, she could feel tears running down her face that she couldn’t explain, she hadn’t noticed that her body was shaking, or that she had even been crying out loud.  She felt the loving arms of her wife around her hips, steading her.

    Bette didn’t pull Tina back into her, instead she step forward, connecting her naked body to her wife’s, feeling the power of them together. She gently ran her fingers along her wife’s stomach. Bette gently kissed her wife’s shoulder. It broke her heart to hear Tina’s cries.

    “I’m here,”

    Tina reached down and ran her hand along her wife’s. she couldn’t explain her feelings. She wanted too but she felt low.

    “I love you,” Bette whispered.

    Tina nodded it was all she could do. She managed to turn her body around and wrapped her arms around Bette’s shoulders. Holding her close.

    Bette held her tightly. Before switching the water off and moving her slowly out of the shower. She wrapped her wife in a massive towel and put her own dressing gown on. She sat Tina onto the close lid of the toilet and bent down and took her wife’s hands, Tina looked at her wife,

    “I don’t know what happened,” She whispered.

    “It’s okay, you’re okay.” Bette smiled as she kissed her wife’s forehead.

    Tina sat for a few moments, her breath returning to normal.


    “Don’t be, I heard you sobbing,”

    “I didn’t know I was.”


    “Honestly, I didn’t really know till you put your arms around me, I’m sorry baby,”

    “It’s okay,” Bette reached up and touched her wife’s face. Smiling softly. “You need more rest, go back to bed,”

    “You have work,”

    “I do, but you also need rest, I can work from home today. I’m not actually needed. I will sign in from the office remotely. Please rest. Jess is with Xavier, we are all good.”

    Tina knew she couldn’t fight her wife on this. Bette took Tina’s hand and they went back into their bedroom. Bette got her wife clean PJs and got her settled. Before she dressed and went downstairs into her home office.

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    1. Wow… Bette is so forgiving…… after what Alice did, I don’t think that I would have met with her. Force her to write me a letter via snail mail to explain what she wanted…..send it to a post office box….. Alice needs to hear how she screwed up and when she’s sober…. with the intent of understanding how hurtful it was and how embarrass Bette and Tina were to have been associated with her. Alice’s attitude was just beyond normal and was very close to being in need of mental health treatment herself…

      Thanks for the chapter….

    2. Hey UKendeavour,

      Sorry for commenting so late, have impossible work hours but managed to read the chapters in work time now.

      Great chapters you have written!

      Good that Tina hired a PA, she can’t manage all of it alone.

      About Alice, Bette is quick to forgive Alice and i am not sure that Tina will forgive her that fast. I don’t trust Alice but i never liked her at all.

      Look forward to read the next chapter!

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