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    Old News

    Bette Porter Campaign HQ

    The Wind Building

    1258 Main Street

    Downtown LA.

    Los Angeles




    Bette looked down at the paperwork in front of her. Things were changing for her, massively. She hadn’t expected any of this and now life was moving quickly. She rubbed her forehead when James popped his head into her office.

    “Tina is on line one,” He grinned, as she spoke.

    Bette looked up and smiled before picking up the phone on her desk,


    “Hey babe, you sound stressed,”

    “I only said your name,” Bette laughed

    “I know, but I can tell you know,”

    “You do know me better than anyone,” Bette replied. It was true. They had been together a long time now. They had a child together, a marriage. It had taken Bette a long time to understand that Tina was the love of her life.

    “I do, Are you okay?”

    “I’m overwhelmed Ti, the press seem to be digging up my past,”

    “it was going to happen,” Tina sighed as she spoke. She wanted Bette to have all the success in the world, which was happening.

    “I don’t want our past, parts of our past, which hurt us both coming up.”

    “Honey,” Tina said softly. “It’s going to happen. We both knew that. You’re running for President. We are lucky so much has been kept private when you ran of Mayor and then the senate. Stuff will come out.”

    Bette rubbed her forehead.

    “I wish you were home,”

    “One more week babe and I’ll be there. Just one more week.”

    “It’s been a long year.”

    “It has but it’s been good for our bank account I just wish I hadn’t been so far away from you and Angie,”

    “Angie misses you, she’s more likely to open up too you than me,”

    “We just have a different relationship to you and her Bette and you know it. She phones me it’s fine. Plus this project is nearly over and I can be at your side again. I’m determined to see this through with you,”

    Bette took a deep breath.

    “It’s sad, and makes me sound weak but I just want to hold you right now Ti,”

    Tina couldn’t help but smile. She knew that her wife was scared that her affair was going to come out and it was looking more and more likely as Candice has already agreed to do an interview about Bette. She knew that old dirt and pain was being dragged up but she also knew that they were stronger and happier than ever. They worked as an affective team even with them living apart for one year. Tina had been working on a massive hit show in Canada and it was finally coming to an end.

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    1. Interesting. There has been The L Wing which never finished. Then one with Tina as POTUS. I don’t think these are yours. I could be wrong.

      Teaser chapter! It has so much potential. Keep going with longer chapters and it’ll flow easily.

    2. So far so good I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes from here ☺️
      Great start. Don’t forget about that other story”you know the juicy one we chatted about ????

    3. Great beginning!

      Candyass still is a pain in the ass! Here only motive is the money she got for that interview.

      Well Bette to put a message on Twitter. This will not damage Bette & Tina
      They are strong and will beat it!

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