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    On the road

    Bette asked to speak to James in her study while Tina helped Angie with her bath and got her ready for bed. She told him what had happened with Marci not showing up at the bus station, and then getting the phone call from Andrea telling them that she was in a hospital in Bridgeport, California.

    Like Bette’s initial reaction his first thought was there’d been an accident or that Marci was hurt but Bette explained that wasn’t the case.

    “So, she just asked you and Tina to come to Bridgeport?”

    “Yes. We’re driving up there tomorrow morning.”

    “I don’t suppose you’re taking Angie with you?”

    “No, not without knowing what’s going on. Of course, we’re hoping for the best. Marci is far enough along in her pregnancy that there’s a lot in her favor and Logan should be fine, but we just don’t know. I wouldn’t want Angie there in either case. Tina and I need to be focused on Marci and the baby right now. We can’t be worried about taking care of Angie while we’re staying in a hotel or going back and forth to the hospital.”

    “So, did you need Lisa and I to keep her.” James asked thinking that was the reason Bette wanted to talk to him. “You know we’d be happy to help with whatever you need.”

    “I appreciate that James. We’ve already made arrangements for Angie to stay with Kit and Sonny, and we’ll have Shane as a back-up but if we’re gone longer than expected then I might ask you and Lisa to take her on the weekends.”

    “We’d love to have her, and I’m sure Suzie would love the company. They had a really great sleepover and the day out shopping was a big hit.”

    “I know. You saw how anxious Angie was to show us everything you bought. I can’t thank you enough for doing that James.”

    “Don’t thank me. I’m just the chauffeur. The girls just tell me where they want to go, and what they want to do. Oh, yeah and they also let me tag along to carry all the shopping bags. I can’t believe how many bags you ladies accumulate needlessly. What with the whole keeping clothes on hangers, and shoes in the shoe boxes, then taking items from one store to another to match accessories…” Bette was amused by James’ expounding of his day at the mall with his wife, sister and two six year old girls.

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    1. Wow…. the conversation where Bette tells Tina that she needs to take her own career move as a priority. This is the Bette that I know… this the Bette who is so giving when it comes to Tina and her family. And the fact that she clears up their financial condition is even more thrilling. I had always thought that Tina’s idea that they were in financial straits with Bette not working was just something she assumed and not based on fact. After all, all of that happened within 6 months of Melvin’s death. Melvin appeared to be rather wealthy and would have left Bette, Kit and David well provided for. And Bette had done nothing to get into that money. Bette was never one to play loosey goosey with her family’s financial obligations. And Tina should have know that or at least talked to her about it when she began to worry about Bette not getting a job right away. But that is not what happened.

      This mystery about Kelly, Jodi and Jenny is rather bothering me. Bette and Tina need to get to the bottom of this before this trio causes some real trouble. Moving to New York will remove Bette and Tina from having to deal with them except upon occasion. I’m voting for the family to move to New York. It think that this will be good for the entire family.

      Now, we find out about Logan and Marci. Hope they are both in good shape. Marci has two more children who need her at home and therefore she needs to be okay for them.

      Great story…. I like that Bette and Tina are talking and really hearing one another. They need each other’s view point and abilities to analyze the situation. Sometimes, we cannot see the forest for trees. I think that is Bette’s case with Kelly and Jodi. So much going on in their lives and with possible new baby, they need to be communicating well.

      Thanks for this new chapter….. nice to have it…

    2. Hi BAT2012,

      Great chapter!

      It was good to read Bette’s thoughts on the things that happened, like the Kelly topic, why she didn’t immediately tell Tina what had happened. Her fear that she is living on trial because of her mistakes in the past and therefore could not or would not say anything and that her standards and values ​​no longer counted.
      Why she handles certain situations the way she does. She likes attention and it flatters her ego but she is also too trusting in other people’s intentions. Kelly is a shark and only thinks about herself and I wouldn’t be surprised if she did indeed want to use Jodie to win Bette over to herself.

      I’m glad Tina believed her and didn’t get angry. But Bette has to learn to talk and not to keep things to herself. She is on the right track and they are both much better at communicating.
      The conversation in the car proved that, Bette listened to Tina and put Tina’s ambitions first and let her know that she is behind her and that she is ready to make Tina her dream come true. Something Tina did not count on.

      And good old James, he’s always there for Bette, a real good employee and friend, a member of the family. I am happy that he is always there for Bette in good times and bad.

      I hope I make sense with my thoughts. Sometimes it is so difficult to express yourself in another language.

      Thank you for this chapter.

      Take care of yourself.

    3. Bette is thinking and processing. This is very good.She is showing tremendous growth and is working at communicating with Tina. Even better. Bette always wants to do the right thing – she is an honest but insecure woman – and she is finally learning how to really talk to Tina and articulate what she is feeling. Getting back with Tina is Bette’s absolute dream come true. And she truly wants Tina to have her chance. Nicely done, Bette!

      I just wish Tina hadn’t reminded Bette of Helena Peabody and Henry and the past. Why Tina? Stop beating that dead horse. These are the kinds of things that seem to plague Bette and feed her insecurities. Tina did not mean to be hurtful and regretted having brought it up. She should. She knows that Bette has triggers. Finances especially as well as taking care of her family, the importance of education, and feeling like she is on probation. Bette gets very defensive. And rightfully so. “Tee we were far from starving or living on the streets. I had assets, and my father’s inheritance. Our finances was never an issue and if you recall I was unemployed because of your friend Helena Peabody. Anyway it was your lack of confidence in me that caused your stress. You thought I was incapable of taking care of our family. That’s what led you take that job with Helena and eventually leave me for Henry whom you thought would be a better provider.” Bette endured a lot of crap at the hands of Helena Peabody. That will never go away. She also felt judged by the people closest to her especially Alice and Kit. Look at the way her best friends reacted to Jodi’s video. Did one of them jump to her defense? No. They seemed too intrigued. And now Bette is figuring out that she has been totally scammed by Kelly. And Jodi may be part of it. And Kelly may have conspired with Jodi on the video. And Bette felt the need to try to befriend both. This won’t help Bette with her trust issues.

      Tina and James are the most loyal people Bette has in her life. Even Kit is too hard on her. That’s not a long list. Bette needs to feel secure enough to be able to make honest mistakes without feeling there will be a price to pay or a lecture coming her way and that is going to take some time. She also needs to be true to herself and continue to do what she thinks is right – in consult with Tina. Personally, I would like to see Bette prove that Kelly and Jodi conspired to defame her and file suit against those two. Get a boat load of money and grab James and open a new gallery. Be done with that vermin. Kelly is using Bette for her clout in the art world. She and Jodi so need to get what is coming to them. I vote for the move to NYC as well. Too much interference in LA. And good Lord our Bette has so has earned some peace. But – Bette is also owed a really big win. Robert Louis Stevenson said: “Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequence.” Well it is high time Jodi, Kelly and Jenny were all forced to eat. Great chapter!

      • Hi Billy,

        Thank you for reading and keeping the conversation going in the comments. I think the alone time that this drive is forcing for Bette and Tina even with the uncertainty of Marci and Logan’s outcome is so needed. Intimate uninterrupted dialog is one of the things this couple was cheated out of on the show, so I make up for it in my stories. You will note that I have them talking all the time and it’s not ever sugar coated. I also try to have them do self-reflecting so that they do show growth and maturity.

        I know it’s a painful reminder to bring up their past, but I like to tackle it and give them the opportunity to deal with the hurt, acknowledge the pain and move forward from it. Bette isn’t holding on to the Helena, Henry thing with any resentment and Tina doesn’t refer to their circumstances in a mean way. They are just comparing then and now, and the main reason is to let Tina know that any concerns she has around finances and their kids being neglected if she takes this job in New York is unfounded because Bette has them covered. She wants Tina to weigh all the pros and cons but most importantly she doesn’t want Tina to feel like she needs to sacrifice her ambitions or limit her autonomy for them to have a healthy functioning home life where everyone’s needs are being met.

        I mentioned in my authors notes, that I wrote and rewrote and edited this chapter several times before I posted and one of the storylines I had initially included was when Bette had asked Tina to consider moving to New York with Angie so Bette could take the job at the Whitney. I decided against it because it would have taken a quite different tone and I know nobody wants to read anything negative, and I certainly didn’t feel good writing it.

        Bette and Tina just really need to learn to lean on each other, be completely open, honest and transparent with the uncomfortable stuff, and trust themselves, their love, and their bond that it can withstand whatever life throws at them.

        As for Jenny, Jodi and Kelly the idea is already forming in my mind as to how I’m going to take them down. Bette will have her retribution, and it may or may not involve a cash payout, but it will bring her that peace, joy and happiness that she so deserves.

        Stay well and be safe!

        • Thank you for the kind reply. What you write makes total sense. You see this is why you are the author and I only provide comments. The editing of the series was so bad. Viewers were constantly left to fill in the blanks. How the producers did not get that we would have gladly welcomed stand alone episodes featuring only Bette and Tina is beyond me. That is where fan fiction has saved the day. I really like that you include a lot of dialogue in your stories and am happy they are getting this opportunity to talk one on one with no distractions. From here to eternal love revisited – sequel to Out of the mouths of babes is one of my favorite all time stories. I admit that I am very protective of Bette and look forward to the terrible trio being dealt with via your capable hands. And of course learning about Logan and Marci. Thanks again.

    4. This line sums up what a good story this is evolving into – fixing the issue of Bette taking up too much space —

      Tina got teary-eyed hearing Bette say that. In that moment she’d shattered Tina long-standing belief system that she had to acquiesce to Bette’s needs and wants never expecting compromise.

      Thank you for that , BAT.
      Looking forward to the next chapter.

      also props to Billy for the well placed Robert Louis Stevenson quote! Bravo…

    5. I love the way this Bette and Tina are written. I never believed that Bette and Tina were in such financial straits with Bette being unemployed. It was a dumb storyline blown out of proportion in my opinion. Bette, in this version, is much more at ease putting Tina’s needs and wants first. Can’t wait to see what this visit to Bridgeport brings.

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