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    One foot forward

    Bette walked into the house and threw her purse and keys onto the sofa, before stalking towards her home office, she was angry and she needed to calm down.

    Tina walked in behind her wife, she was shaking slightly and her anxiety was spiking after she had slapped Candice. She removed her jacket playing it over the back of the sofa, She rolled her sleeves up and wen t upstairs opening the medical cabinet in their bathroom, she took a set of meds she was due to take, before walking back down and going into Bette’s office.

    Bette was sat at her Mac, her head in her hands. She couldn’t believe that anyone would do this.

    ​“B,” Tina’s voice was small she had barely spoke on the way home.

    Bette looked up at her wife,

    ​“She was always going to try and hurt me, she set this shit up to hurt me in the worse way and me being the fool I am walking straight into it,”

    ​“B, why would Jodi do this,”

    ​“Because she can,” Bette said. “It’s the kind of person she is, when she doesn’t get her own way she will destroyed people she sees as getting in her way. I won’t give her a sole show, because I’ve said no a number of other galleries have said no. She’s not the draw she was 10, 15 years ago.”

    Tina sat herself in the other chair in the room, she pushed her blonde hair out of her face, Bette noticed at once that her wife was shaking. She had seen it in the car but had been lost in her anger at herself to ask about it.

    Bette got up and walked over to her wife, she knelt beside her. She reached up and took her hands,

    ​“Why are you shaking?”

    ​“I slapped someone, B, she could call the cops and charge me with assault.” Tina was worried. She never wanted to use violence to solve a situation.

    ​“She’s not going to do that,”

    ​“How do you know?” Tina asked, looking into Bette’s dark pools.

    ​“She’s not that stupid, everything about Jodi would come out and she’s already risked her career.” Bette said,

    Tina nodded, she closed her eyes, just wanting to feel okay. Her head was swimming.

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    1. Very good chapter!

      Jodi Lerner can only hurt them if Bette and Tina allows her. But i hope they can give that bitch a little payback for what she tried to do.

      Wow, Tina is one rich woman and it doesn’t bother Bette one bit. They should handle their finance and a joint account is a start. I don’t think it is necessary to put everthing on one account. Their business are their responsebility, They can keep their own bank account for themselves and decide what to do with that money.

      Time to move forward, wise words spoken Tina!

    2. Damn Jodi. Spoiled brat. I hope Bette and Tina can resolve Jodi’s attempts to break them up.

      Money often changes people. It’s nice the money doesn’t bother Bette any. Please continue this story.

    3. Loved the chapters, I was very wrong. I thought this had Alice written all over it. I’m glad Tina was strong enough to talk it out and not just walk away again. Hopefully they can catch Jodi out and get rid of her for good. Post soon.

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