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    One year

    Tina smiled. She moved forward and kissed her wife. The kiss was gentle and slow, both of themselves getting lost in it. Bette pulled away and pulled Tina onto her lap. Tina grinned down at her.

    “I want us to make a baby,” Bette whispered.

    “I can’t wait.” Tina laughed before kissing her wife again




    “Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Xavier, happy birthday too you,” the whole gang, Kit, Bette and Tina sang as Xavier giggled, clapped his hands and made a dive for the cake.

    Bette laughed at her son, she couldn’t believe that her son was one years old. Her little dude was growing. His mass of curly hair moved as he turned his head to Tina who was beside him. It had been a long time since every one had been at the house. Tina was busying herself with her son, cleaning him up and feeding him bits of icing that he was licking off her fingers.

    “He is going to be a handsome devil your son,” Kit smiled as she wrapped an arm around her sister.

    “He already is,” Bette smiled at her sister.

    “You are very bias,”

    “As you are with David,”

    “True. Any new on your getting Pregnant?” Kit asked softly. She knew that Bette hadn’t told the gang that they were even trying. She’d told her sister.

    “We’ve only done one insemination,”

    “When are you due on?” Kit asked, they were away from the rest of the gang who were now making use of the pool and the grill, Tina was now letting Xavier crawl around the lawn and calm all over her.

    “I was due on yesterday,” Bette said softly, “I’m late but I’m not getting mine or Tina’s hopes up. I will do a test if I’ve not come on in a few days. Kit you can’t tell anyone.”

    “I won’t.”

    “We do not want to jinx this.”

    “She’s doing a lot better,” Kit said changing the subject, looking at Tina who was sat with Shane and Shane’s new girlfriend Carman. Xavier crawling but not going too far.

    “They’ve finally found the correct medication and her levels are steady. She’s coping better. She’s trying to ensure she stays on a steady path.”

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    1. Time flies away, the little man is already one year!

      Loved the sweet and loving moment between Bette and Kit!

      Let’s see if Alice can behave herself and is really sincere about her apology to Bette and Tina.

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