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    One year

    “She doesn’t speak to Alice, I’ve noticed her avoiding her.”

    “She’s let Alice back into our lives for me. I’m well aware of that. She doesn’t want to be friends with someone who calls her crazy. I missed the gang too much and I couldn’t ask them to choice between me and Alice, I wouldn’t win that one. I would rather know what Alice is up too. Tina doesn’t have to talk to her. She’s friendly to her which is all I can ask.” Bette said softly.

    “You are right, you need your friends.”

    “I do, I love that we we’ve returned to having breakfast and little things like that. They were missing for awhile.”

    “B,” Tina’s voice was soft

    Bette turned her head at once to her wife.

    “Yes baby,”

    “Can you take him I need the bathroom,”


    Tina scoped up Xavier and passed him to Bette before she headed into the house.

    “Hello Little man,” Bette smiled at her son, he grinned at her


    “Yes, I’m Mama, mommy has gone to the bathroom.”

    Xavier yawned he had had a massive day. He’d had such fun and got a lot of attention but it was drawing closer to his bedtime. He put his head onto Bette’s shoulder and looked at Kit. He reached out to his aunt and she took his hand kissing his fingers.

    “You’re very loved little man,” Kit smiled. “You’re doing amazingly.”

    He smiled and yawned again, he snuggled deeper.

    Tina walked back out and smiled at her son,

    “Sleepy Xavier.” As soon as Tina spoke he reached for her.


    “I’m here,” She took him and rubbed his back as she put his head onto her shoulder. “I think today has been too much excitement for him,”

    “He has been the centre of attention, think it’s time to get him to bed.”

    “I’ll bath him and put him to bed, you stay with the gang,”

    “You sure?”

    “Yes B I’m sure, I’ll text you to come up and say goodnight to him,”

    Tina turned and headed into the house. Bette watched them go. Her garden was filled with the laughter of her friends. She loved it, it was like the old days. But now she was a wife and mother.

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    1. Time flies away, the little man is already one year!

      Loved the sweet and loving moment between Bette and Kit!

      Let’s see if Alice can behave herself and is really sincere about her apology to Bette and Tina.

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