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    One year

    “I love you sis,” Kit said softly.

    Bette looked at Kit and smiled.

    “I love you too,” Bette kissed her sister’s cheek and went to her friends, making herself a grilled chicken burger and put her feet into the water.

    Dana swam over to her.

    “Where is Xavier?”  Dana asked

    “It’s his bath and bed time, Ti took him up,”

    “It’s so good to be here again,” Dana smiled

    “We’ve missed you all,”

    “I’m sorry for everything,”

    “None of it was your fault Dana,”

    “No but we could have been better friends and been here for you.”

    “I couldn’t ask you all to pick sides, I’m just glad you’re all here now,”

    Lara swam over and hugged Dana from behind. It was good to see her friend so happy, Bette’s phone went off,

    “I’ll be back, I’ve just got to go and say goodnight to my son,”

    She got up and headed inside before heading upstairs. She walked in Xavier’s room and smiled him in his new PJs, lay on his back looking up at Tina, who was rubbing his tummy gently, he was fighting sleep.

    “Good night little man,” Bette kissed his head and watching as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

    “I can’t believe that a year ago today I went into labour unexpectedly and this little man came into our lives.”

    “You gave me the best thing I could have ever wished for, my family,”

    Tina smiled.

    “I’m sorry we’ve not had the best year.”

    “No we haven’t but we’ve come out of it stronger than before. You’re my best friend Ti, you’re my wife, my lover, the mother of my baby, you’re my world. I know it’s not been a great year but we are stronger for it. Plus the future is looking brighter.”

    Tina smiled. She lifted her hand from her son who was now lightly snoring. He was still smaller than most children his age but he was coming along nicely. He was starting to pull himself up and he was saying a few words and making enough noises for them to know he wants to talk.

    “I feel blessed to have you and him,” Tina said softly, the laughter of their friends drifting in from outside.

    “We better get back to our friends, you go the monitor?”

    “Yep,” Tina picked it up turning it on making sure the camera in the room came on. They left their son and headed back out to their friends.

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    1. Time flies away, the little man is already one year!

      Loved the sweet and loving moment between Bette and Kit!

      Let’s see if Alice can behave herself and is really sincere about her apology to Bette and Tina.

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