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    One year

    Four months later….

    Bette and Tina are hand in hand as they stroll towards The Planet.

    Tina: I can’t believe our anniversary weekend is over already.

    Bette smiles and kisses the back of Tina’s hand.

    Bette: Well you know what they say, time flies when you’re laid up in a beach house for three days with the love of your life.

    They stop at the door and Tina turns and smiles at Bette.

    Tina: I’m the love of your life?

    Bette slides her arms around Tina’s waist.

    Bette: Oh stop with your gloating.

    Tina laughs and pecks Bette on the lips.

    Tina: Thank you for a fantastic anniversary trip, baby.

    Bette: Thank you for hanging in there with me for a full year.

    Tina:(smiles) Well I admit it’s been tough but somebody has to do it.

    Bette:(laughs) Very funny

    Bette pecks Tina on the lips one more time and then turns and opens The Planet’s door.

    Bette: I guess we’ve postponed the inevitable long enough. Time to get back to reality.

    Tina pouts as she walks through the door.

    Tina: Do we have to?

    Bette smiles and follows her girlfriend inside. She walks behind Tina and wraps her arms around her waist and playfully whispers in her ear.

    Tina:(laughs) You didn’t get enough of that this weekend?

    Bette:(smiles) What do you think?

    They laugh and flirt as they walk over to the bar where Kit is drying some glasses.

    Kit: Well well look at who has slinked back into town.

    Tina:(smiles) Hey Kit

    Kit: So how was your weekend?

    Bette sits down next to Tina.

    Bette: Amazing

    Tina: Yep and as far as I’m concerned we still have a few hours before we both head back to work, this is just a pit stop. We just came in to grab something to go and then head to….

    Tina looks at Bette.

    Tina: Wait whose house did we decide on again?

    Bette: Uh mine.

    Tina: Really? I thought we decided on mine since it’s closer.

    Bette raise her brows.

    Bette: And more cluttered.

    Tina:(smirks) Clutter is subjective.

    Bette:(laughs) Yeah keep telling yourself that, baby.

    Tina laughs and turns towards Kit.

    Tina: Um I think I’m gonna get the spicy grilled chicken sandwich.

    Kit smiles and winks at Tina.

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    1. This chapter was worth the long wait before you updated it again.

      Good job from Bette to stand up against Melvin and it is a real suprise that he will try to change his mind about her life style and accept Tina.

      Fantastic update! Thank you.

    2. well dang! that’s quite a bomb you just dropped there..

      love love love your stories. especially how sappy and in love bette is with tina.

      thank you for the update and pls pls continue.

    3. This was yet another amazing chapter… I loved how Bette handled her father… I always wished she would have stood up to him on the show…

      Ummmmm why didn’t you write for showtime… I’m just saying!!!!

      Thanks again for this amazing story… I’ll wait patiently for more!!!

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