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    Open and Honest

    The White House

    The Residency

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Tina slowly opened her eyes when she smelt freshly brewed coffee. She smiled as Bette walked into the bedroom, wearing an oversized shirt and shorts. She was carrying a tray with coffee, OJ and toast on it.

    “Morning,” Bette grinned

    “Morning B,”

    “I still can’t cook but I can use a toaster.” Bette grinned as she put the tray down on the bedside table and looked at Tina, who smiled softly.

    Bette reached out and rean her fingers through Tina’s hair. She loved being able to touch her again.

    “Erm do you have a t-shirt I can put on?”

    “Sure,” Bette walked into the large walk in closet and took out a baggy t-shirt she’d had for years. Tina had worn it when they had first got together. She smiled.  She took it and watched as Tina put it on. Sitting up in bed, she took the coffee Bette offered to her and then a slice of toast.

    “We need to talk today,”

    “I know,” Bette said as she sat cross legged beside Tina. Eating her own toast.

    “I don’t want communication to be lacking like it was near the end,”

    Bette smiled softly as Tina was talking like they were in a relationship. Bette reached up and pushed Tina’s hair our of her face.

    “Communication is key to everything, I’ve learnt that.”

    “Bette…” Tina whispered. “I’m so scared.”

    “What off?”

    “Losing you, losing myself again.”

    “I’ve changed. You’ve changed. We’re in this together. Listen. Seventeen years ago I fucked up. I let my guard down and let someone into my life I shouldn’t and I lost the best thing that ever happened to me and that was you. I remember the emptiness when you were gone, and I can’t go through that again, if we’re doing this. We do it properly. It can’t just be physical. We have to talk, understand each other again, and we have to be equals, my job…”

    “You run the country Bette. I get that. I’m not here to be your First Lady it’s not the reason I came looking for you. I thought I needed closure.” Tina said slowly, as she finished her toast.

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