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    Open Eyes

    Bette sat dozing beside Tina in her private room. she had been moved about three hours after her surgery but she was still sleeping. The doctors had informed Bette that surgery was hard on Tina’s body and Tina body had decided to shut down and let her sleep. It had been a long couple of days. Bette closed her eyes and thought about the good times. in their marriage there had been some amazing times. they had two children. They loved each other. They spent time together, enjoyed each other’s company. She hated that it sometimes felt like the bad times were outnumbering the good times.

    She reached out and took her wife’s hand, looking at her pale skin. The slight paint under Tina’s finger nails still. Sometimes she just couldn’t get it all out. she gently ran her finger along it. She needed to feel her wife’s skin, her warmth. She was missing simply holding her.

    “Hi,” Tina’s voice was weak but it was enough to make Bette look up at her.

    “Hey,” Bette smiled, reaching over she gently ran her fingers through Tina’s hair. “Welcome back to me,”

    “It’s nice to see your face,” Tina smiled, “I was dreaming about you,”


    “Yeah, I did.” Tina’s eyes glowed.

    “Let me get the doctor Ti, okay?”

    “Sure,” Tina couldn’t move her head, due to the dressing.

    Bette got up and walked out of the room, she quickly found a nurse explained Tina was awake and then went back to her wife. she didn’t want to leave her.

    “How are the kids?” Tina asked, when Bette was back in her line of sight.

    “They are good, Kit’s being the brilliant aunt we know and love.” Bette smiled softly

    “What aren’t you telling me?”

    “Wait for the doctor babe, okay?”

    “Okay, Bette.”


    “I love you,”

    Bette kissed her wife,

    “I love you too,”  Bette relied softly against Tina’s lips as she kissed her again.

    Bette moved as she heard the door open. She looked at the doctor who looked grim.

    “How are you feeling Tina?”

    “Sore, and you are?”

    “Doctor Karl McFarland I’ve got your test results,”

    “From the tumour?”


    “What is it?”

    “There is no easy way to put this you have cancer.”

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    1. “When they removed the tumour the would have been very close the nerve in your arm.”

      Tina can’t catch a break except for her children and Bette’s love. And her gift as an artist. Please, please please don’t let Tina’s painting hand be impacted. She cannot lose that gift. Her cancer treatment will be difficult. She has Bette. But she will need to be able to paint as well.

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