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    Open Eyes

    Tina felt the tears running down her face. Her worst fear.

    “What are my chances?”  Tina asked

    “What do you mean?”

    “Am I going to live?”

    “Ti,” Bette said shocked.

    “Your prognoses is good. You will need twelve weeks of chemo, then we will reassess I will say you’re going to get very poorly before you get better. Life will be tough but you’re a fighter.”

    “You are,” Bette said taking her wife’s hand, trying to hold back her own emotions.

    “Can I have some time alone,”

    “Sure,” The doctor said.

    “You want to be completely alone,”

    “Please B, I just need to think, please,”

    Bette nodded and her and the doctor left the private room closing the door.




    Bette had never felt such rage against the universe. She’d fallen in love with a remarkable woman. she’d found the other half of her coin and it seemed that the universe didn’t want her to have it. Bette went out side of the hospital. She walked into the park at the rare of the building. All she wanted to do was scream. She wanted the universe to see her pain and heal it. Bette dropped to her knees in the middle of the lawn and cried.




    Tina looked up at the celling of the hospital room. her mind was rushing, she was trying to keep the little voices in her head from overtaking her again. She felt angry, sad, heartbroken all at once. Her hands were in fists. She felt like it shouldn’t be this way. She closed her eyes. Thinking back. Remembering her first time with Bette, the kisses the touches. Would Bette ever want to touch her like that again? She was worried that she would lose her wife this time. That this was going to be one thing that broke the camels back as it were. She couldn’t lose Bette. She had three bright lights of hope in her life, Bette, Xaiver and Angie. That was her world. Nothing felt right without them. She knew that she put too much on Bette. she knew that sometimes it was harder than she expected. Tina bit her bottom lip. She rested back against the pillow as she started to openly weep.

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    1. “When they removed the tumour the would have been very close the nerve in your arm.”

      Tina can’t catch a break except for her children and Bette’s love. And her gift as an artist. Please, please please don’t let Tina’s painting hand be impacted. She cannot lose that gift. Her cancer treatment will be difficult. She has Bette. But she will need to be able to paint as well.

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