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    Open Heart

    “Bette?” Tina walked into the house, she was slightly covered in paint and knew she needed a shower, she smiled when she saw her girlfriend setting the dinning table.

    “You okay babe?” Bette looked up at her.

    “Yeah, how long till dinner?”

    “Take out will be here in about twenty minutes,”

    “Good, I just need to get a shower, I’ve got paint everywhere. Sorry,”

    “Why are you sorry?”

    “You’ve not seen the studio floor,” Tina said smiling as she walked towards their bedroom, Bette followed her grinning.

    “It’s your studio, I take it the lovely floor is now covered in paint, as you appear to be covered in it,”

    “Yeah, I was getting my feelings out and threw paint at a blank canvases. It looks amazing, I choose really good colours,” Tina said as she started to strip, she was fine with her body in front of Bette.

    “Did it help get your emotions out?”

    “Yes, it did.” Tina walked into the bathroom in her pants and bra, as she walked past Bette, Bette kissed her shoulder.

    “Good, I will finish setting the table, you enjoy your shower.”

    “Bette,” Tina said as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom.


    “Thank you,”

    “What for?” Bette was confused,

    “Letting my art just be that my art, for allowing me to make a mess of a untouched studio and not caring that I’ve got paint all over it. for supporting me.” Tina said slowly.

    “I’m a gallery owner I love art baby. But your art, your creativeness I will always support. I love you, you can make as much mess as you like as long as it’s in the studio.”

    Tina grinned before closing the bathroom door and getting into the shower.




    Bette plated up their food and poured them each a glass of wine, she felt like she was dating Tina instead of living with her. she wanted to know more about this woman. She was putting the plates out when Tina walked in, her hair up and out of her face, she was wearing a shirt and jeans. Her feet bare. She smiled as Bette pulled the chair out and Tina sat down.

    “Mmm smells good,” Tina looked at the expensive steak meal that Bette had ordered for them.

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    1. I like that these two are getting to know one another. These two are different characters from other Bette and Tina’s in other stories. If these two people are to develop into a life long relationship, I for one want to see how that develops. Tina being so private and shy falling for an aggressive, always in the limelight Bette is a great story. I just want to see how they start to merge their lives and become that iconic couple we all want to see. I know there are going to be problems in their future and how they resolve these will give us the readers insight as to how strong this relation is and its going to be.

      Love this story particularly that the writer is disclosing more of who these two are..

      Keep it coming. Thank you.

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