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    Opening Night

    Tina stood in front of the fall length mirror in her new bathroom, she had put her hair letting a few bits of her blonde hair fall over her face, she had applied light make up and was now putting her jacket on, tonight she was wearing a tailor made suit, with a crisp white shirt.

    Bette walked in and smiled. She loved when Tina was dressed up but she knew that Tina was more comfortable in jeans and a sloppy t-shirt and Bette realised that she loved Tina in either look. she walked behind her and gently put her head onto her shoulder. Kissing her neck.

    “You look stunning,” Bette whispered into her ear.

    “Thank you,” Tina blushed. She always did when Bette said something so positive and nice to her.

    “Are you ready?”

    “No, but I never am,”

    “It’s going to be okay.” Tina turned and took in Bette’s look and smiled. Bette was wearing a tight fitting dress and heels. she looked stunning, her hair lose around her face.

    “Wow,” Tina said.

    Bette grinned.

    “Not the reaction I was hoping for but I will take it,”

    “What were you hoping for?” Tina asked,

    “Fuck me,” Bette laughed

    “If you’re lucky later.” Tina said without thinking.

    Bette laughed.

    “Wow that’s the first time you’ve been some blunt.”

    “Was it too much?” Tina asked panicking. She was already worried she would say something wrong this evening.

    “Ti, babe.” Bette took her hands and rubbed her nose against Tina’s. “It’s fine. The car is here, are you ready?”

    “Yes,” Tina picked up her wallet and put it into her pocket. She took Bette’s hand, she was shaking. her nervous were getting the better of her, tonight was all on her, all the joint or group shows she had one there had been a team but all the work tonight was hers. Everything was on her. she knew she had sold two pieces already but one was to Bette and really didn’t count.

    She took a deep breath as Bette set the alarm and locked the house.

    “Before we go I want you to know I’m very proud of you.” Bette smiled. and kissed Tina’s lips softly.

    “Thank you” Tina wanted to cry but knew she couldn’t. if she started now she was going to cry every time someone said a nice thing to her.

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    1. Wow! Tina’s show sold out. She has a lot of talent. I wonder what is next for this lovely couple. Always enjoy a Peggy Peabody moment. Alice – not so much. And of course any chance to set Jodi straight. Loving this story.

    2. Great show for Tina and for Bette. But if the work is not good, there would be no sales.

      Having Jodi there is a bit disconcerting. She could have been the one who bailed Claire out of jail. I’m worried.

      Great story…. like this a lot….. I want Tina to get more comfortable at a party and in a crowded room. She could have many more shows like this one….

      Thanks for the chapter…. Lovely story.

      • I actually posed who bailed Claire out a while back. I think it was Jodi. I suspect we have not seen the last of her. It’s Bette’s gallery – how did Jodi get on the invite list? Yep she is a very bad penny. And back again. Glad they are out of the other house. Seems Jodi would know Tina painted in the studio set up for her but maybe not. Tina is such a talent and success. Please think about this Bette. Please question why Jodi showed up.

    3. Wow, sold out! Congratulations to Tina and Bette!

      Peggy, she is one of my favourite characters on The L Word and more so in this story! The way she put Jodi in her place, well done 👏

      I agree with Martha, is Jodi the one who paid the bail for Claire? Is she after Bette and want her back and hoped to use Claire to come between the couple?

      Lovely chapter!

      Thank you!

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